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Thread: Do you think that homeless people should own pets?

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    Don't hate me for this answer, but I don't think they should have pets.

    I'm sorry but I feel someone needs to be in good financial standing before going out and getting another little life to depend on them. Animals are helpless. They can't call and make their vet appointments or go buy their food at the pet store.

    I give homeless people money a lot, but I won't give them money if they have a dog with them. I give them actual dog food or treats that I always carry in my car. If I run out, then I'll go buy hamburgers. I just do that to make sure my contribution will go toward the dog.

    I just don't think its right that if you are in a situation where you have to beg money for yourself, why in the world would you put another helpless living being in the same situation, only making matters worse?
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    Wow, Thanks you guys for such a wonderful array of points of view. I too had the same 2 sides as Doggiemom..I felt that they are probably given lots of love and yes, most of the dogs do not look scrawny or unfed and the other side of me said if they cannot take care of themselves and have to be there to beg for money then why should they have the responsibility of owning a dog. I get mixed feelings everytime I see someone with a dog or cat begging on the side of the road.
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    I once came across a homeless man with a beautiful german shepard sitting by him along side of a local grocery store with a sign up saying hungry need food. I went into the store and bought a great big bag of dog chow for the dog.

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