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Thread: A Letter From Oreo

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    A Letter From Oreo

    Hi pet talk peeples! This is Oreo.
    I just wanted to say Hi and tellz you how much fun I had tonight.
    Mom finally let me out of my cage! Boy wuz I happy...I hadn't got outz much cuze mom had beenz sick.I wuz really hyper and energized, mom wuz talkin to some friendz online...I ran across mom's keyboard and typed some to themz too. Mom didn't like that very much though, so she picked me upz and put me off the keyboard.
    Mom layed one of my toy tubez down so I could play in it, but instead I thought it was funner to try and taste some stuff...Here's what I tried-mom's speakers, mom's keyboard, mom's mouse, mom's desk, mom's mouse pad, mom's clock, mom's keyboard's buttons and wire, mom's phone, and I even tried mom's finger nail and wrist.Mom told me I couldn't chew on any of that stuff, especially her!She said it hurt when I bit her.I said I wuz sorry and then kissed her. She said I might destroy somethin is why I couldn't chew on it.
    Even thoughz I got in trouble, I still had lotz of fun.
    Now I wanna say Hi'z to some peeples.Hi couzin Sophie, hi aunt Tonya, and hi to everyone else!!!!!!!! Gotta sayz it's bedtime..Goodnight everyone,
    Oreo Gerbil

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    Hi oreo gurr-bil!

    Be good!

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    Aww Oreo the trouble maker! Are there any pictures of Oreo floating around?
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    The only pic I happen to have of Oreo right now is my signature picture....if I find some more I will be sure to have Tonya post them. (i dunno how....yet )

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    Hi Oreo!

    Aren't you the adventurous one! Happy exploring, sweetie.
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    Awwww, Oreo!!! Be good, sweetie!

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    I love your name Oreo and you sound so sweet.

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    Isn't it fun gettin inna eberthing??? I luv xplorin too!! Happy adventures to ya gerbie pal. Love, yer roddie pal, Squeekers the g-piggie!! (P.S....wanna come ober my houz an play??)

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    Hi again guys!
    I'm on momz desk againz typin' away!
    Today, I traveled to the other side of momz desk.
    On top of the printer!....tanks to me, mom now haz a hole in one of her speakerz....she ain't to happy 'bout that though. she was kinda mad at first, but now she'z not mad no morez.
    I would LUV to come to your house and play sometime!....
    Mom said I wuz being a lil' brat today, I jumped off her desk in the floor and she hadz to catches me.
    I told her that I thoughtz it wuz fun, but she said I couldn't do that'z no more.
    Oh wellz though, gotta go getz in more troublez!
    Oreo gurr-bil

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