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Thread: Gum deadly

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    Gum deadly

    Crossposted...I thought it was a good fact for everyone to have! Keep your gum away from your dogs!

    Warning Gum deadly.
    > Doctors want to warn dog owners about gum.
    > Sugarless gum might be good for your diet, but it could be deadly
    for dogs. A new ingredient in some chewing gums can cause weakness,
    depression and seizures in dogs. The ingredient is called Xylitol.
    It's a sugar replacement. Veterinarians say if dogs get ahold of it,
    one or two pieces could be fatal. "The Xylitol gum has now been
    proven to reduce plaque buildup and cavities in people, so it has a
    very valid use on the human side, but it'd be nice if there were a
    caution on the label regarding dogs," said Dr. Bob Bohacek from
    Oakwood Hills Animal Hospital.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    AAHHHHH ! ! ! i almost missed this... thanks so much for the info......... that's just too scarry......

    ~siggy by LEXILOVER~thanx~

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    Kirby has gotten into my gum before,, but luckily it was regular kind instead of this stuff!

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