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    hot spots

    Poor Star, she has ANOTHER hot spot- she's been "coned" for the past ten days or so and this one doesn't seem to be getting better. We caught it before she licked it raw, but the pinkness isnt clearing up. She's developed an eye infection to boot. So we'll be makin' a visit to our new vet early this week.
    Has anyone had success with healing and preventing hot spots? I've been told that it's caused by an insect bite, an allergy, stress, and"we don't know what causes it". She seems to be getting them several times a year, and I just hate having to keep her "coned" for weeks at a time.

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    Recently, Nova has gotten a Hot Spot... My dogs have never gotten one before, so I had to look to a friend to find out what would be best to treat it. She told me Gold Bond Medicated Powder, and so far it's working WONDERFUL!
    I know Nova doesn't have allergies, and he's recently been moved from the house to my new building next to the house for the doggies, so I'm thinking it's from a bug bite and a little added stress. But, wow, they are NASTY!
    Good luck with Star!

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    Bleh.. hot spots are nasty things. Daisy had one not too long ago. Hot spots can be caused by matted or trapped dead hair, allergies, or it can be a behavorial issue. Make sure to keep the area as clean as you can. Our vet prescribed some animax cream, and it cleared up in about a week.

    Good luck at the vet!

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    I looked at a few websites and they all said that dogs with heavy coats are more likely to get it and keeping them well brushed and clean will help. Perhaps her thick undercoat from winter is trapping moisture and causing problems? Maybe a regular grooming schedule would help? Is she on flea and tick preventative? It sounds like flea and tick bites can cause it too. I've never had a dog with hot spots but I've seen a few and they look painful, I hope Star is feeling better soon. Here's a couple of links about hot spots.

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    The "Itchies" ...

    Poor Star ~

    Cinder had a case of "the Itchies" on her belly a couple years ago.
    Don't think Doc Mike ever knew exactly WHAT it was, but we tried
    Benadryl for a week or two, and when that had no effect,
    she got a shot, some antibiotics, and I think a steroid pill to help
    reduce the itching. The "combo approach" worked -
    she stopped scratching & licking, and the condition cleared up
    completely in 2 weeks.

    I know her took a "scraping" on both visits; but found NO "critters, bugs,
    or fungi" either time. He admitted treating "itches & rashes" was
    a bit like a crap shoot.

    And here's something two of my FurKids have worn >>>

    It's called the BiteNot Collar - and although it LOOKS a lot
    worse than an Elizabethan style collar - it really is NOT!
    I've had two dogs wear one - and they both adjusted in short order to it.

    If it's put on "tightly enough" - they can NOT bend their neck enough to
    get their mouth on anything except their toes!
    BIG advantage over the darn CONE is they can eat, drink, and RUN
    without jamming the cone into things. Star might appreciate one
    of these more than the Cone!

    Here's the Manufacturer >>>
    Under "Suppliers" there is a list of Distributors.
    And here's a supplier not shown that lists Prices >>

    And a couple of reviews >>>
    "Restraining Collar Information:

    Does your dog have a hot spot or other injury that requires a restraining type collar? Many vets recommend using the Elizabethan collar, a cone shaped collar that sticks out so that the dog cannot reach the offending wound. There is another alternative to this collar though that makes it possible for the dog to still guide and be restrained from chewing on injury sites.
    The collar is called the “Bite-Not Collar.” For more information or to order the collar through your vet, contact:

    Bite-Not collar
    1032 Irving St., 446,
    San Francisco, CA 94122;
    phone, 415-665-1598; 800-424-8366;

    Humane Society US Review

    Feel Better, soon, Star!

    /s/ Phred
    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    at beginning of the script.
    perhaps my advice is too simple

    my crayola had a hot spot from a bit a few months ago and got his itchy bitten area covered with a cream to keep it cool and had him taking two pills a day (it really helps! including not to have him feel it too itchy to itch!) for 14 days. oh ...or 7 days, not sure. also, 1x for two-three days, spray with hotspot liquid, great job bottle!

    try pills? you'll be amazed how it works if they can work for star too! hopefully this nusiance issue goes away very soon, my dear.
    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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    The one time Carina had a hot spot I also used Gold Bond Medicated powder, but the vet shaved the hair, and there's lots of hair in a Golden's neck, around the spot for the powder to make contact with the skin.
    It did work well in a couple of days.
    Hope Star is well soon.

    "All men are created equal but none of them is equal to a dog." From the "Howard Huge" cartoon..

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    WOW- thanks EVERYBODY for your input- I will try the Gold Bond powder, look into the No-bite collar (which looks like a great idea- Star has broken 2 Elizabethan collars running into things), brush her out again, and will check out the hot-spot sites. I read one last night that had some interesting ideas. Star's had antibiotics, steroid shots, & drying agents prescribed by vets on her previous hot spots, so I hope we can get to the bottom of this soon.
    I am very happy that today her eye looks a great deal better after a couple days of hot compresses and gentle cleanings- she seems to feel better, too. Thanks again, will let you know what happens.

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    Update on Star...
    I went ahead and shaved her shoulder, and had been using Blue Star ointment. Now I'm trying the Gold Bond Powder. It seems to be helping. I also ordered a BITE-NOT collar and am anxiously awaiting it's arrival - *Thankx Phred!
    I'll be talking to my new vet this week and will see what she recommends doing- like allergy tests, maybe.

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    Another thing to try is "Witch Hazal" you can get it at health stores and just bathe the area when needed. I used that on Clover when she was young and used to get alot of hot spots from swimming.

    I will keep Star in my thoughts and Clover sends kisses she know how you feel Star .

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    Thanks, cloverfdx. The salve and then the powder seemed to have helped this time, but I'm sure she'll get another one in a couple months, that seems to be the way it's going this year. We'll give the witch hazel a try!

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    "...but I'm sure she'll get another one in couple of months..." don't say that!! I'm sure you can keep an eye on her before these evil spots come back!!!

    I'm glad the powder helped you, poor your little star! thanks for updating us in lack of our responses..
    rest and sleep softly sweet locke..

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