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Thread: Cedar chips and fleas?????

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    Cedar chips and fleas?????

    A friend of mine told me that if you sprinkle Cedar chips in your yard, it helps to keep fleas out of the yard and off your cat. Does anyone have any confirmation on this??? B/C this flea season is about to get the best of me!
    Nothing seems to work. Does the stuff from the vet work better than stuff you get out of walmart???


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    Cedar can work but and there is a big can also be dangerous to your cat and any other animals that may come into your yard. And as for the question on the "stuff" from the vet working better than the "stuff" from walmart. I would have to say yes. You vet will carry a better quality product than walmart.

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    Re: Cedar chips and fleas?????

    Originally posted by Cinnamon2002
    Nothing seems to work. Does the stuff from the vet work better than stuff you get out of walmart???
    The spot remedies your vet sells are expensive, but work -much- better than over-the-counter stuff you get at Walmart. The over the counter stuff doesn't seem to work at all.

    I use Advantage as my preferred spot treatment. I've tried Frontline, but wasn't crazy about it. They still had fleas, it took too long to take effect, and it wore off sooner. Advantage kills the fleas almost immediately, and you'll start finding dead fleas where they sleep, too.

    Bite the bullet, and spend the extra to get the stuff from the vet. Vacuum the house frequently to suck up any flea eggs or larvae, and consider using flea powder in the carpet.

    I'd skip the cedar chips in the yard, because animals can eat it and get very sick.

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    You need to find a product that uses "Nematodes" to get rid of fleas. This is a natural way of getting rid of fleas and doesn't poison the pets or the plants.
    Nematodes are bugs that live off of eating fleas. Their ONLY purpose in life is to eat fleas. Once the fleas are gone they die. It is an outdoor only product for the most part. One company that makes is Bio -something?. Can't remember the last part of the name off hand.
    This product is difficult to find. It comes in a can similar to the type carpet freshener is sold as. It sprinkles out. You may be able to find this at Pet Stores or possibly a Home Improvement store. If no luck there then try the internet.
    I also recommend adding Brewer's yeast to the animal's diet. It helps with the coat, shedding, and fleas. I agree completely the stuff at the Vet's office works the best. My dog Scooby is allergic to fleas. I've had to feed him Benadryl quite often if he gets bitten. I have to keep a can of the Carpet Flea killer on hand as well.
    Hope this helps and good luck!
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