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Thread: A touchy subject, declawing.....

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    A touchy subject, declawing.....

    Here is a link to a petfinder bio. It is not something I wrote, nor do I know this rescue group. But someone had the guts to simply tell it like it is and I would like to make SURE people read it.

    Nala's story

    Can anyone still defend declawing?

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    God, that broke my heart. I was one of those owners who chose to get their cats declawed and regret it to this day (I was completely and totally ignorant; not that that is an excuse). Callie became a completely different cat after we got her back--she went from this affectionate kitten to a kitty that doesn't really like other people and will only let you "love" on her for about five minutes before she BITES you. I would never, ever have gotten rid of her for some behavioral issue that I created.
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    That was so horribly sad. When I was a young kid, we had our Persian declawed. This was in the 70's and we didn't know how horrible it was then. Our kitty didn't change, thank goodness. I would love to be able to show that sweet cat some love.

    I did the right thing by setting you free
    But the pain is very deep.
    If only I could turn back time, forever, you I'd keep.
    I miss you

    I hear you whimper in your sleep
    I gently pet you and say, no bad dreams
    It will be alright, to my dog as dark as night.

    Fur as dark as the night.
    Join me on this flight.
    Paws of love that follow me.
    In my heart you'll forever be.

    How I wish I could hold you near.
    Turn back time to make it so.
    Hug you close and never let go.

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    Thats why my cats are is a indoor/out door cats. especially with Cheetoo,, she HOWLS to get out. everyone thinks shes inheat,, but thats impossible as shse spayed. she also scratches the ever living daylights out of all the window screens. so my mom says she goes outside when she wants,, or we get rid of her claws.. your choise...

    im well aware of the dangers of her going outsid... but i think thats better then declawing any of my cats.

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    What a a sad and heartbreaking story In years past - all of our kitties were declawed - most came to us that way from shelters - the others we took to our vet to have done because it was just what you did for indoor cats. Thankfully - none of them changed personalities. RB Ernie used to get absesses on his foot - but I never suspected the declaw.

    Now we have beautiful Dylan - who we adopted several years ago when he was about 1 1/2 years old. He had been in the shelter for 6 months and nobody wanted him because he was "fat". He had all four paws declawed - I had never heard of doing that - but he was just the kitty I wanted and now he is mine. I noticed that at times, he would jerk his paw up and hold it - and that he sometimes nips when he is petted more than he wants. I took him to our vet who suggested that his declawed feet might be hurting, and suggested and x-ray. Sure enough, two of his paws show pieces of bone fragment left in the tender tissue. If he ever becomes infected, my vet will do more surgery on him to best help remove the little pieces and make him feel better.

    That mutilated and unwanted kitty was Cat of the Day at one time!! He is my gorgeous sweetheart!!

    We adopted two more baby kitties last year and they will keep their claws. No more of our babies will have this done!! It did take time to keep offering them scratching posts and cardboard to scratch - and yes, we have some ripped furniture and screens - but they rarely use those claws for more than play and exercise on their toys. They even play with my 9 month old grandbaby and always have - never scratching her even if she pulls their tail.

    Now PLEASE read the following:

    People who declaw are not bad owners or bad people - they are likely folks who just do not know what is involced in declaws and what might be the consequence. Like I said - *most* of my declawed kitties had no problems at all - but why risk this? They might end up like Nala in the story - or my Dylan sitting in a cage at the shelter.

    Teaching facts is the remedy - not accusing or blaming owners - we simply need information. I really do not believe that most owners who declaw do it with a hard heart. I am not even sure that many care so much about their furniture - I know that was never my reason. It was jsut ignorance.

    Here on the PT forum I have been blamed and rediculed to tears several times...none of which changed my views on declaw. But, others have given good information and options and that is why I am owner who will never again declaw. I am trying to be more assertive when I talk to owners and even my own vet and technicians who asked nonchalantly if I wanted my two kittens declawed at the same time as their spay and neuter a few months ago. I had to tell them NO, I did NOT, and that I felt it was NOT a viable option and wish that it was not so common. I am hoping that that approach will eventually change their way of looking at the procedure.

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    Declawing? - No. Period.

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    I have several family members who have all their cats declawed (even after I BEGGED them not to)! They complain that my furniture is all ripped up because of the cats! I say "WHO CARES????" When I'm on my death bed, will I be saying "I will miss my family and my lovely couch and loveseat - how I love them so." NO. I'll be saying "I'll miss my family AND my pets - how I love them so". I could never understand why people declawed their cats because of the furniture. If you don't like my ripped up couch and loveseat - then sit on the floor (better yet, don't come over). My cats can scratch all they want!


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    OMG!!!!!! This story had me in tears. How heartwrenching.

    In the 70's, I also had my kitten declawed as he was one Holy terror. While I was at the counter fixing supper or whatever, he would get up on the table and then jump on my back. The scratches I had endured during about 2 months of this, was unbelievable. Being naive about declawing, I had his front claws removed when he was neutered. Other cats that I had in the past never needed to be declawed as they were easily trained not to scratch the furniture or me. BUT, when I started viewing PT and read what declawing ACTUALLY involved and the terrible pain that these poor kitties go through, I vowed, no matter what, NO other cat of mine will ever be declawed, EVER AGAIN!!!!

    I pray with all my might, that some kind, loving soul, with look past Nala's problems and give her a forever home.

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    What I can't stand is trying to inform someone looking at our cats for adoption about declawing, what it really intails, and the behavioral problems that can follow and let's not forget the fact that it takes away their defense mechanism or ability to climb a tree to get away from a dog if they get outside, then they say "I know" or "we've always had our cats declawed" or "we don't want it to scratch: the dog, the other cat, the kid, the furniture" or "they managed to climb the tree just fine without their front claws", so I tell them to go to the shelter and adopt a cat that's already been declawed and was dumped in the shelter by the former owner because it wouldn't use the litter box, or it was biting people.

    If your furniture is more important, then don't get a cat, and sure as heck don't have kids cause they tear up everything. A couch can be replaced. If you're worried about the cat scracthing a dog, a cat, or a kid, DON'T, this teaches the other animal or kid not to mess with the cat. I don't know how I managed to survive as a child with 3 cats with claws.
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    I had cats as a child and we never declawed any of them. It wasn't an issue. They were mainly outdoor cats until they wanted to come in. We never had any problems with them being outside. If you don't want your furniture tore up or house a wreck then DON'T GET A PET! You have to take the good with the bad and if you can accept that then you shouldn't get a pet. Mutilating your pet for your own sanity is gross.
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    I hail from South Carolina, but Texas is where I hang my hat :)
    I doubt I'll ever declaw another cat again, but, I have to say I've had multiple cats declawed and they have never had problems after the surgery. I remember a couple of days afterwards, they all went through a tenderfooted stage, where they couldn't jump down to the floor from the back of the couch. But, they were all fine within a couple of days. And, I guess my cats were all really lucky and they must be one of the minority that the surgery didn't affect their personality in the slightest. Poor Nala, that story is sad.
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    I am currently under attack at another forum I frequent because I'm pregnant and because I won't do the following with my animals:

    1) I was told I should get rid of the 2 new kittens;
    2) Declaw Sushi and Kirin because they'll attack the baby;
    3) Beat Samantha to let her know that humans rule the roost;

    It means that I am putting my animals at a higher priority than my children. When I responded that I would be keeping all four cats and all four cats would be keeping their claws AND that I wasn't going to beat my dog into submission, several members went off on me.

    (They're also currently going off on me because I made mention sometime in the last few weeks that I am not going to breastfeed. Apparently personal decisions like that are also up for debate.)

    But at any rate, there is absolutely no way I will ever declaw one of my cats. That story was heartbreaking and I'd love to post it at the other forum, but they're all hard-headed morons whose favorite saying is: "Humans are at the top of the food chain for a reason."

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    I never had any problems with cats and babies...that is kind of nutty.
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    That's a freaky forum you're visiting.

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    Not to hijack this thread, but the forum itself isn't freaky. There is just one bad seed on there in particular that never fails to remind people that he's an @$$hole. He's the one that said all that above about my animals. So it's not everyone. (More than just the jerk did debate my breastfeeding decision, but that's just people not knowing when to keep their mouth shut. That, I can forgive.)

    My declawing opinion still stands. My children will grow up learning to love, but more importantly RESPECT animals. Sure, they might get scratch if one of the cats don't want to be picked up but if my children don't chase them, tease them, or abuse them, why would the cats feel the need to scratch them? They won't.

    And Samantha? Samantha wouldn't hurt a fly.

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