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    You are a beautiful boy Klondike! Hope you are enjoying your special day and getting lots of extra treats! You are going to be a real big boy when you grow into those feet! A big hug to you

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    You are SUCH a beautiful puppy Klondike! And I agree with Sammi; you are going to "grow into" one big boy! Like you Klondike, my husky (x) Cody loves catfood! Though Cody is TERRIFIED of the vacuum! All who meet you think you are one very happy, very loving, gorgeous boy. And today we salute you and all that makes you so special by bestowing upon you the grand honor of Dog of the Day! Congratulations Klondike, the most handsome, sweetest, and loving husky pup!! Big husky hugs and hopes for lots of good yummies!

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    Klondike, you are one big special puppy. I don't think it will take you long to grow into one big, big Huskey. I love the color of you, you are beautiful. Congradulations on being the most handsome Huskey puppy Dog of the Day.

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    Congratulations, Klondike. You are very beautiful & deserve your award as Dog of the Day. I'm sure that's earned you lots of treats.

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