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Thread: Road Rescue ~ "Hey Dad, Is "Blackie" Our New #4 ??"

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    Road Rescue ~ "Hey Dad, Is "Blackie" Our New #4 ??"

    NO!! "Blackie" is NOT "Our" New #4 !!

    Dad gave up aftur a buncha *Yippin* & *Yappin* an sed ta "Load Up" -
    but we wuz jest gonna be sittin inna Bus all afternoon whilst he run'd errindz.

    Gotz part way ta Towne and hadda go back to da Ranch - SUMbuddie furgotz
    ta "load up" hiz Cell Dinger Fone!

    Gotz to da end of our road an wuz <lookin> fur a break inna traffik ta
    pull out onna *bizzie* 2-lane Hi-way when we <spotted> him!

    Lookit dat Poor Dawggie inna middel uva Hi-way!
    Duzzint he <SEE da KARZ>!???

    Three KLOSE KALLZ (2 karz anna truk) wuz all Dad needed ta see!
    He <bailz> outta da Bus an startz <Kallin> "Blackie"!

    "Blackie" seez Dad an starts <trottin> our way - anudder Near-Miss an he
    wuz standin beside Dad anna Bus...

    Dad reachez fur hiz Neck Belt - which he dint HAVE wun of!
    WHUT ta do???

    Dad opinz da back Bus door - an three nozes INside are lookin at WUN noze
    onna OUTside ...

    Onlee fur a Minnit!!

    "Blackie" musta figgered we looked "Friendlee" - kuz he wuz INNA back seat
    affore Dad kuld say "Load Up"!

    NOW WHUT!?????
    Wun BIG Labbie Mutt inna Bus wiff allua us!
    An NUNbuddie knowz NUFFIN about him!

    Dad sed "Stay KALM" - he lives rite here onna korner - we see him allua tyme!

    We pullz inna drive; Dad hopz out ta *knock* onna door.
    Nunbuddie but da Balck Labbie inna howze - we kan hear him <barkin>
    at Dad! ... Try da next howze, Dad - dey gotz dawgz.

    Judgin frumma UN-happie <barkin> - "Blackie" dont live THERE, either!

    Hey Dad - are we <late> fur yur 'pointment?

    "Sunna uvva ____!"

    Guess so ...

    Back to da Ranch ...
    Dad grabz our ropey an makes a choker loop an
    tosses it over "Blackie's" head ...
    "Ka-mone, Bud - you're gonna <wait> inna basement!"

    They took a lil <pawz> fur a *pee* - (which dint happin);
    then ole "Blackie" gots a choker an a spot onna tyme-out chain in
    Bowzie's old 'Partment inna korner uvva basement.

    Allua way inta Towne Dad wuz kallin folkz onna Cell Dinger >>
    Sheriff Guyz ...
    Dawg Ketcher ...
    Kupple Fiur Buddiez ...

    NUNbuddie <lookin> fur "Blackie" - yet ...

    Onna way Home - we did sum Howze Kallz onna nayburz...
    Bout TWENTY uv em inn 5 mile circle around da Ranch!!
    Nunbuddie lost "Blackie".

    Home at last ...
    Dad goze in figgerin there'z gonna be a BIG mess - poor guy wuz alone
    inna basement for 8 hourz...
    NUFFIN onna floor - well, kuppla *pee* dribbilz - but dey happin'd when Dad
    walked in. ... Out fur an Outie ...

    We all sed "HELLOW" inna driveway ...
    I (Cinder) wunted ta PLAY, Smoke an Bowz boff gotz da Furr inna Fluff and
    "Grrrrrr'd" at da Poor Guy - but Dad hollered an BAD-dawg'd em -
    THEN ebberbuddie settled rite down!

    Back inna basement - "Blackie" went back onna Tyme-Out chain;
    we went uppy-stariz fur din-din ...

    Poor "Blackie" dint like dat a bit! He wante UP wiff us!
    <BARK> fur a minnit, then <quiet> fur two ...
    Kept dat up fur an hour!

    FINALLY settled down - an Dad ran down wiff his dinner anna Kamera Box.
    Dinner went *down* inna FLASH!

    Dad took Mug Shotz an kame up ... More <BARKIN>!

    Aftur we had our Outie an kame in ...
    Dad brung "Blackie" up thru da howze ...
    Da Boy'z been inna Howze affore!
    Knowz how ta DO Stepz; not a bit "afraid" uvva howze!

    An now he wantz Back IN inna WURST Way!
    Been out on Bowzie's Tie-Out cable fur a kuppla hourz (Its OK-Warm out) -
    Quiet fur about 20 minnitz; den <BARKS> fur a minnit ...
    Prolly gonna <sleep> ?? inna basement.

    WHUPZ ... Pix are DUN!

    Be Rite Back wiffa Mug Shotz ...

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    Here's "Blackie" >>>


    Meet "Blackie" - da LOST SOUL who's kampin atta Ranch >>>

    Dad figgerz he'z:

    About 60 poundz - NOT skinny nor "starvin" ...
    Gud *shiney* coat ...
    Nailz purdy well trimmed or worn - NOT long ...
    Tooferz are BRITE an white - but not real <pointy> sharp ...

    Dad guesses he's a "Young Adult" -
    kinda "jumpy" until <scolded> - then he calms down prudy well.
    Knowz "SIT";
    Little bitta <walkin> we dun - he'z BEEN onna leash affore!

    Oh yeah ... furgotz ta mention -
    He'z gotta FULL SET a "stuff" onna rear end ...
    Musta <missed> da Big Snip da atta White Coats!

    Dad jest noticed - pix are *fuzzie* - Battz musta been low -
    flash wuz slow ta *fire* anna pix aren't gud ...
    Hafta *do* fur tanite!
    More Pix >>>

    Dat'z All, Folkz!!

    Dad'z gonna <fetch> "Blackie" offa porch an move him back down
    inta Bowzie's 'Partment - he's bein a lil too <BARKY> onna porch!
    Nayburz won't like him <talkin> atta Shadowz inna frunt yard!

    PaLEEZE -
    Do sum PRAYIN that we kan find "Blackie's" Reel HOME - SOON!!

    /s/ Cinder, Smokey & Heidi

    R.I.P. ~ Boots, Bowser, Sherman, & Snoopy

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    9,651 are wonderful! I'm so glad you saw him and rescued him. I hate to imagine what might have happened out there on that road. Blackie is gorgeous! I'm sure he has to have a home close by. I'll keep him in my thoughts today and hope you find the owners.

    You're the best Phred!


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    Blackie's a beauty! Hope his people are able to find him.

  5. Phred, you are such a good man for picking up yet another stray! Blackie really is a cutie! It looks like he has a silver tinge to his coat! Glad to see that he gets along with the rest of the dogs!

    Hope you can find his home soon Phred, until then, you're a life saver, just think about what could've happened to him! Are you going to go back to where you found him at those houses? Somebody there could have had 2 dogs

    Have fun!

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    OH MY GOODNESS! Looks like there is room at the Ranch for another soul in search of a helping hand. Blackie lucked out big time. Squashed on the Road vs. Food, Fun and a warm and dry place to bed down, not to mention TLC.

    Bless your heart, Phred.
    *Until one has loved an animal, a part of ones soul remains unawakened.* Anatole France

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    Radio stations. Fast food outlets. Gas stations. Posters. I'm sure you put the word out. This latest "poster child" must certainly have a frantic fambly nearby. Oh my dear Phred... here's hoping for a verrrry soon reunion.

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    I hope his owners have a VERY good explanation and it better not start out with "he gets out all the time". I guess if you don't see any signs for him that will tell you how much they really "care". He has Pit Bull all over his face and probably some Lab thrown in the mix too. Good for you for rescuing him.
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    Thanks for rescuing him! He is beautiful...he does look to be in good shape from the photos. And young! I also see what looks like Pit bull in his face...
    I hope you find his home soon...I can't believe someone would not miss such a sweet, handsome boy.

    Good luck and keep us posted.!

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    Good for you Phred. Blackie is one lucky puppy. Seems like
    he has not been "out & around" for long if he looks that good. I'm
    so glad you decided to drive down that particular road at that time. Blackie must have a guardian angel helping him. (An angel
    besides yourself that is) Hope he finds his people soon.
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    Phred, what are the chances he's been microchipped?
    I know, pretty slim.

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    If they didn't even "snip" him
    I doubt they bothered to "chip" him

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    What a beautiful doggie!! He is so pretty and he looks real healthy. Phred, you are the nicest man on earth. When you were born they broke the mold. Thank you for being such a wonderful human being. We're praying that you find his owner and it's a good person.

    Terry, Daisy and Delilah

    By the way Phred......Are you married?

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    Originally posted by lbaker
    If they didn't even "snip" him
    I doubt they bothered to "chip" him
    No kidding. They probably want to breed him so they can get some rare silver/blue LabraBulls.
    Love is Adoptable. Adopt a Pit Bull.

    Don't Breed or Buy While Shelter Animals Die.

    If Pit Bulls are outlawed, only outlaws will have Pit Bulls.

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