In Ontario due to the BSL that passed up there was pulled from the shelter just one day before he was to be put down. A local pitbull rescuer paid for his airfare to the states and he was placed in a rescue program.

After being evaluated in the rescue he was thought to be a good candidate for the bomb detection unit of the WSP. Diane Jessup was called in and she agreed and set up a meet and some testing for Neville with the head trainer in the WSP canine program.

Neville passed with flying colors and was accepted into the program! Keep your fingers crossed that Neville finishes the program and become the first pitbull canine officer in WA state.....working to keep the ferry system safe!

You can see the news story that ran on King 5 last night here.

Ontario banned him, just because of his breed but now he's going to work to save lives here in WA state!