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Thread: Dose Any One Like ....

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    Dose Any One Like ....

    Lil' Doc. !

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    Great danes are great, very big but they are beautiful.
    I don't like bulldogs, too short and they are a little ugly. And as for Chihuahuas, don't like them either.Don't like their ears, they make them look like mouse. I hope no one gets offended with this, I'm just sharing my opinion.
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    we are all entiteled to our opinions I don't like shelties but Im sure alot of other people do.

    I like Chihuahuas they are cute, and I LOVE great danes they are so beautiful. But honestly I have never seen a real bulldog. I have seen them on T.V but never met one in real life. I hope to someday but in our small town the price of a bulldog is a little much.
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    I like all of them but I'm partial to large dogs so the danes would be my favorite. I don't know if I've ever met a chihuahua in real life??? and I wouldn't even know what to do with a dog that small... I've seen bulldogs at the dog park and I think they are adorable but they have such terrible health problems because of their noses. Then again danes only live 8-10 yrs so...

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    I never used to think that pit bulls were so great, but I recently had the opportunity to meet one "in person", and I fell in love with him. Such an affectionate and energetic little guy. Just goes to show that personality is everything.

    To answer your question, I generally prefer large dogs, so:
    Chihuahuas and Bulldogs-not my favorites, but I have to admit, when I see Chihuahuas on the street, I really think they're cute.
    I think Great Danes are, well, great. Love their faces.

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    My Chihuahua is really, really cute and not at all yappy - I'm surprised. I think all dogs are really special, but I guess my least favorites, if I had to pick, would be the pugs, peaks or others that have the mashed in faces, same with the Persian cat - not my favorite either. But you know, it's the personality that really counts

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    I love many breeds, but my 2 present favorites are the Chihuahua (Buffy is full of personality and simply adorable) and the Flat-Coated Retriever, although Great Danes are beautiful huge dogs.

    Purrley, any pictures of Tess yet? I can't wait to see her.
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    Barbi - No pictures yet - soon though - I have 5 or 6 left on the roll and will then get them developed. Your cute little Buffy looks a lot like Tess except Tess is shorthaired. Her ears are erect now - she's a doll and really smart too

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    I LOVE Danes, Chihuahuas, and Bulldogs. Bulldogs aren't a common thing in our shelter, but we got a BEAUTIFUL one in yesterday. I'm going to take my camera to work with me and take a picture of him. He's such a doll! He has a big brother too who I will also take a pic of

    I love just about any breed. Nothing can go wrong in my eyes as long as its canine

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