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Thread: I am so angry right now I can hardly keep from crying.

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    I am so angry right now I can hardly keep from crying.

    I haven't said anything to anyone on here about this yet. I have been part of a group of people attempting to make changes in our local SPCA. We have spent months investigating, filing complaints, collecting stories etc. Then a woman by the name of Carol...came along. She has some wonderful new ideas on directions to go. She had volunteered at our SPCA for 3 months. She spent 4-5 hours a day 4-5 days a week for 3 months there. She attempted to befriend the SOB that runs that place. She tried so hard to make things better for the poor animals that end up there.

    She has written a petition on The Petition Site. Her goal was to reach 100 signitures. That was reached in a couple of days just through word of mouth. It has been just over 3 weeks now I think and it is up to over 450. That is wonderful. And up till last Friday the information was still word of mouth. She has kept us all updated with the letters that have been sent back and forth with the Board of Directors of our SPCA. Let me explain.

    Our Centre County SPCA is run by the Philadelphia SPCA. Our local SPCA is run by the manager John. He reports to the Executive Director, Erik and the Executive Director reports to the Board I believe...there is also a President by the name of Mary...

    Any money that is donated to our SPCA goes directly to Philly. Philly overseas 7 SPCA's in Pennsylvania. They distribute money to the 7 SPCA's on the basis of the number of animals PROCESSED. Yes..I said Processed through the shelter. We got this right from Erik's mouth. It is a system that encourages euthanasia because it is cheaper to put them down right away than it is to keep the animals and try to find homes for them or to give them proper veterinary care. IT is an extremely flawed system. So yes...this angers me..but it isn't what is REALLY bothering me.

    What is really upsetting is all the stories. How for so many years animals have been mistreated and abused by this this piece of pond scum John.

    When the Board of Directers received notice that over 350 people have signed this petition one of them went and made an unannounced visit on April 16th. She found nothing wrong! She doesn't see that any changes should be made! can they discount what people and animals have been going through for years with a 2 hour visit.

    I read the petition every day and I just cry at what animals have gone through there. I know that this is just the first step and it will take a long time to force change here. Sometimes it is just so hard.

    If you would like to see the petition it is at

    I hadn't posted about the petition before because we have been trying to keep this local. So that the Board could see how those of us in Centre County feel about this issue.

    You can only see the last 25 posts. If anyone is interested in reading more...*sigh*...they can be found at
    the names have been deleted but the towns and comments are there.


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    I'm sorry to hear this Denyce!! It is horrible that the SPCA is treating animals like that!! The SPCA is supposed to be a safe haven for animals to find new wonderful homes! I sure hope that something can be changed, for the animal's sake!!! I will definitely be thinking of you and your local pet community!
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    That is so horrible. It is so disappointing when you put so much hard work into something, and then get beat down so badly.

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    that is total BS! You can call the cops on them and report them right? Get any evidence you can. I wish I was there to help. This is just sickening ((((((hugs to you)))))))))))
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    Hi Denyce, I'm from Trenton, right across the river. Where do I sign? Who do I write to? A few of my friends will sign the petition or write to anyone who will listen. If the powers that be don't care to listen, there's power in numbers. We'll just have to hassle them until they take you seriously and corrective action is taken! This****** must go!!!!!

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    Grrr... Somewhat local, here in Reading... what can I do too?

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    I signed. . what kind of sick, horrible people could do that? I really hope this is stopped soon

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    I'd say unbelievable but the local Animal Shelter was just as bad. They just recently hired a new Director and she's made some great changes.

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    Did you ever see that Bowling for Columbine movie where he went to Kmart with two victims and ended up having the president or something say on video tape that Kmart was no longer going to sell ammunition? Anyway, my point is that sometimes just getting people on video, knowing that they're going to be shown on television being an unsympathetic P.O.S., can make all the difference. I'm sure one of your local television or radio stations would be very interested in the story.
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