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    Apartment rules about pets

    Collin and I have to move again as his work has transferred him to York PA. I have been trying to get a headstart on the apartment hunting online since finding a place that takes pets, especially large dogs, is usually difficult. I was actually quite pleasantly surpised to find that most of the complexes do take pets! But I received this from one of the agents and I thought it was interesting but illogical!

    Small caged animals that are permitted - hamsters and guinea pig.
    No small caged animals-example - rabbits, mice, rats, chinchilla, ferret,
    hedgehog or prairie dogs.

    No Exotic pets – example - reptiles, spiders, insects.

    Birds will be limited to - Finches, parakeets, Cockatiels, and Love Birds.
    No large birds, example - Cockatoo, African Grey, Macaw.

    Fish - permitted, fish tanks that are larger than 30 gallons will be required to be insured against damage in the renters insurance policy.

    Small to medium size dogs – Under 40 pounds ---$200.00 per pet non-refundable pet fee. $10.00 pet rent per pet accessed every month.
    Maximum 2 at the managers discretion. Additional non-refundable pet service fee of $100.00 and $10/month pet rent.

    Larger dogs – Over 40 pounds - $400.00 non refundable pet fee. $20.00 pet rent accessed every month. Larger pets permitted in townhouse buildings or first floor private entrance apartments only. Maximum one pet.

    Breeds not welcomed: Rotweiller, Chow, Doberman, Pit Bull, St. Bernard, Great Dane, New Finland, German Shepherd, and French Mastiff.

    Requirements: All dogs must have proof of all shots and properly licensed prior to move in, a copy of all vaccination certificates are required.
    All dogs must be one year old. A picture of your dog will be taken at the rental office prior to move in.
    Larger mixed breeds are accepted under the managers discretion only.

    Cats - $200.00 per cat non-refundable pet fee, maximum two cats. $10.00 pet rent per pet accessed every month. $100.00 non-refundable pet service fee and $10/month pet rent for 2nd cat.

    Requirements: Proof of all current vaccinations and copies of vaccination certificates required prior to move in. Must be one year old, spayed or neutered and front paws de-clawed or capped.
    A picture of your pet will be taken at the rental office prior to move in.

    Dumping of cat litter outside as well as flushing of cat litter is prohibited. Resident will be charged for the clean up of cat litter outside the building as well as any sewer back-up experienced due to the flushing of cat litter.

    What exactly is a New Finland? And a pet service fee? Are they going to walk him for me? And why is a large dog twice the amount? Strange....I always find it interesting, the rules these places come up with and often wonder about the reasoning behind them...sometimes, I just can't figure it out....
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