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    New Apartment

    Daughter and boyfriend have moved into their new apartment. We were there last night. Hubbby set up their new big screen, I cooked dinner and made dessert and then we all made a garbage run to the dumpster filling up two cars with all the empty boxes and bags. Since they live on the third floor and there is no elevator plus it was raining I am glad we did it all at once instead of the kids having to make four trips.
    Their apartment is lovely, two bed, two bad with a balcony and lots of closet space.
    Poor Meika was so scared however when I brought her. Kitty girl hid under the bed and in the closet, her three brothers will miss her but more importantly she will miss her brothers.
    I of course made a run to Kohl's and then to Marshalls to purchase some things for the apartment and here is where I need your help Ohio people.
    If you see in the store shopping for cute plates, cups, plants, paitings, nick naks, decorations or such. STOP ME. Yes I have a problem wanting to make the apartment cute. I bought her a plastic plant from Marshalls very real looking and she almost jumped up and down with glee. I just can't go and visit empty handed. I was NOT brought up that way. Was everyone brought up to bring a gift when they visited even if it was just a few piece of fruit? That is just how we have always done things.

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    We always bring something for the hostess, usually I try to make it something edible, or perishable (flowers) so as not to add clutter!
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    Tell me about it.
    April moved out a few months ago into house No.2, and Karen is still buying and decorating for about a spoilt child .
    Then Amber moved in to share with April, and that gave Karen another excuse to go shopping.
    It's almost "Home Beautiful" now, but poor old Woms bank balance is all but beautiful Even my "Get Rid of Her Wet Blanket of a Boyfriend Fund" has been depleted.

    "I'm Back !!"

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