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    Hey there ladies,

    My name is Dusty and I was invited to join the board of Pet of the Day. And I like the help and ideas you guys give out and help each other. And Accord has some deaf friends on here. On our Forum, we dont have deaf people on there. Accord is a drag and street racer. So she's the spoiled one on that forum.
    I have a german shepard named Speedy and I have a orange tabby cat name Turbo. *I love imports and animals!* Ill have to attach some pictures soon. I just got this computer last week and still getting learing from it. I have a computer at work so thats how Accord and I are in touch.
    Lunch Time BRB

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    Welcome to Pet Talk! I have an orange Tabby as well! You can see his picture in my signature, his name is Corkscrew. I also have a siamese mix named Tibby, a rat, a betta fish and two African Dwarf Frogs.

    I look forward to hearing more about Speedy and Turbo and hopefully seeing some pictures!
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    Welcome. I too have an orange tabby (with white tuxedo markings). But then again, I have quite a few color cats...LOL

    Make sure to introduce your dog to dog general and your cat in cat general. I will be waiting to hear about them.

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    Thank you ladies.
    You all have beautiful cats.
    I will get them on soon. Im still trying to learn how to use my new computer that I brought. I'll ask if anything comes up and if I needed help.

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    Welcome to Pet Talk, I am Laura and my babies are in my siggy below. Can't wait to see your babies so hurry up and get use to that new computer!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Welcome to Pet Talk. I can't wait to hear more about you and your critters! All mine are listed in my sig. Hope you have fun here
    Shadow & Gus (the kitties), Blink (the gecko), Draco, Satine, Damon, & Outback (the fishies) ~I'll be there for you - 'cause you're there for me too~

    Be at peace, Erin, I will miss you and remember your sweet face always...

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