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Thread: Important Info on Pet Food and Treats

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    Important Info on Pet Food and Treats

    I don't know if everyone knows this or not but the majority of cat food and treats and unsafe for our cats consumption. I recently found out about some ingredient that are in a lot of food and treats that can be life treatening. These ingredients include. BHT, BHA, E-312, E-320, E-321 and Ethoxyquin. These ingredients are preservative.

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    Thanks for the info.I hate to give my cats treats because of the junk they put in them.And I try to get the best quality food for them.

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    Hummmmm, something new to worry about!

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    Thats not good at all... I feed my cats salmon and tuna daily, and they only get dry food once a week. Usually stuff I get from a local store that makes thier own food so it only last a little while. For snacks though I have found my cats LOVE Olives and salad... I have asked around and found most cats love olives so maybe try putting you pets on a more natural diet? Quite frankly if I wouldnt eat it I wont give it to my babies.

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    That's the reason I don't feed my cats treats all that often. Too much unhealthy, unnessecary stuff in there.
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    lol maybe ill just make my cats dinner along with mine hehe il be more cautious now

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    I don't know about E-312, E-320, and E-321, but you are very correct about BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin. They've been known to cause many problems, including cancer and epilepsy. Ethoxyquin is illegal in human foods in North America, and BHA/BHT became illegal in human foods in California when they were tested positive as carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Other places have only put a limit on how much BHA/BHT can be used in a food. You most often find them in cereal or cereal packaging. It's disgusting.

    It's not only the preservatives you need to look out for. There are other disgusting ingredients. Roadkill, euthanised pets, and rotten or 4-D foods not fit for human consumption. Pet food is one big business with a load of profit. I really commend those pet foods out there that are spending money on the quality of their food and not the advertising. That's what it's all about -- quality food and health for our pets.

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