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    LAB PUPPY!!! LAB PUPPY! Yeah!! I just HAD to be the first to post today. WHAT a little angel. That confident face! Those massive paws!! Casey is just the MOST beautiful girl!! She looks just like my Lab Star at that age! Star was the "runt" of the litter too. The trait that most endeared her to me. But like Casey, it hasn't stopped her becoming the "biggest" dog in town. I'm so sorry Casey lost her little tail. But, in true Lab fashion, I'll bet it hasn't stopped her little rear from developing that classic Labbie butt wiggle! It sounds like Casey has a perfectly wonderful home, filled with all the Lab necessities of life: FOOD, loving humans, FOOD, water to play in, FOOD, things to fetch, and a tolerant sibling to torment endlessly. (Star has a Shep/husky sister, not unlike Nikki!) I'm sure Casey is bursting with pride (as are her very special humans) and proudly strutting her "stuff" on her very special day! Congratulations beautiful Casey! What a girl!

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    Casey, you are a beautiful little girl!!!!! It sounds like you have a fun life!!! Congrats on Dog of the Day!

    ***Save a life, ADOPT***

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    What a beautiful baby! Casey, you truly deserve to be "Dog of the Day"! The way you're lying on the floor reminds me of my dog - I call it the "frog dog". Congratulations!

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    LOL!! Tats beat me to the punch and said it all!! Casey reminds me of my Lab mix Cody when he was a puppy!! Trust me, she won't be a runt for long judging by the size of those little big paws!!!! What a face!!! What a beauty!! What expressive eyes!! What fun you're in for!!!! Loved the food remark too!! Typical labby....Congratulations with a big big kiss!!

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