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Thread: dog on dog aggression

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    Originally posted by Maja
    reply to wolfsoul
    "Do you know what practical means? "

    more than ever,its being iin a litter of 11 pups and singing and being a human and seeing the differences between them and eventiually selling them, to homes unknown.Hurts like hell if you love em...,... thats life.,...
    What?? That's not what practical means. I have no idea what you are trying to say.
    I've been BOO'd!

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    The bottom line is while we need to realize our dogs roots are wolfs in order to understand their behavior. We also need to realize that they are now domesticated. Anyone who doesn't have a well socialized dog should not take it around other dogs. PERIOD!

    To me, the dog park I take Dixie and Dusty too is more than just a social greeting area. It is a place to exercise them. There are few places around where I can take them and get them the physical exercise they get at the dog park. Of course our dog park has 2500 acres of trails so you can get on some trails and really get lost. If they happen to meet other dogs at the park then they need to be know how to interact with them instead of causing confrontations.

    That being said, I will go one step further and have some of you disagreeing with me. If I was just taking my dog to the park for a social gathering place instead of for physical exercise, I would NOT take my dogs to the dog park! My dogs are socialized in many other arenas in life and I would not take the chance of them encountering a non socialized aggressive dog off leash at a dog park that could cause them bodily harm just for the sake of them being around other dogs. This is just my opinion and my motive for taking my dogs to the dog park. Each owner has to evaluate their own motives for taking their dog to the dog park.

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