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    Can I use

    can I use a plastic tub for a guinea pig cage for yo know like the floor then put them cube thing aroud it ?

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    I don't understand what kind of tub you are talking about. How big is it? Is it like a big plastic storage box? If so I don't see why not. I don't think the plastic is toxic but I'd look into that online. It will need a lot of ventilation. Is it clear? I don't think a piggie would do best if it is dark and covered all the time. Is it going to be in the box most of the day or out? I suppose you could set it up just like any other cage and a guinea pig would have just as good a life as it would in a glass or wire cage.
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    I think that those large transparent storage bins are great GP cages, though I've met people who feel otherwise in the extreme. They're great because they're tall enough that you don't need a cover, so they're well ventilated and it's easy to get the piggie out. Also, they're cheap, easy to clean, and easy to replace if anything happens to them.

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    It depends on the size.

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