i need incouragment. Gracie is driving me crazy and when i get upset, my mom gets upset, then my dad gets upset.

Gracie gets sooo much exercise it's stupid. the first thing we do when we get up is walk a mile. i come back and feed her and take her out to use the bathroom. when i bring her back in and put her on the porch....she screams and cries and i can't let her do that because i have neighbors that don't like dogs. so i bring her in and she chews on everything else but the toys i gave her.

the dogs love to play. they would play all day long if they could. my mom hates it when they play. who knows why. i think she says they look too mean when they play. so i have to stop whatever i'm doing and take them to my room to let them be dogs and play.

please tell me this will end soon!