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Thread: Are We Crazy??

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    Are We Crazy??

    Lee Roy and I will be going on our little honeymoon next week and we invited my parents to join us later in the week for another week of vacation. Everyone says we're nuts, but we figured it would only be right since they are paying for everything.

    Lee Roy is driving since I got rearended on my way to a wedding last Saturday. Good thing I had a rental car.

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    I would say that you were crazy if this was right after your wedding. But according to your ticker, this is coming up on your first anniversary, so it's not so crazy anymore. I think it's so cool that you are including your parents in it. So no, I don't think you are crazy.

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    Not crazy, but kind, and appreciative.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen
    Not crazy, but kind, and appreciative.
    I AGREE!!!

    Plus, if you LIKE THEM, lol, it should be fine!

    It's not like you have to spend every waking second with them, right???


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    Not crazy at all! My husband and I are very close to my parents and do lots of things with them - I wouldn't think twice about doing the same as you. Have a great time!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karen
    Not crazy, but kind, and appreciative.
    Ditto! I think it's very nice of you to include them. My parents teased me about going to Gatlinburg with us, but seriously for an annivesary trip, I'm highly considering inviting them.
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    Not crazy at all! I think its very sweet to think of your parents like that. Ignore your friends

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