Hi everyone! My aunt directed me to this site since I am a cat/dog lover and I think it's just great! But, just like all of you, I think of my pets as my kids/ part of the family! :-) I also think they do understand when I say, "be good, mommy will be back later!" Sure enough, when I come home, my cat Marius greets me at the door. It's really amazing to see other great people out there that love their pets just as much as I do. Someone also mentioned that they say "guard the house" to their cat. That is just too funny because I'll say that too! Hey, Marius could be a weapon in the middle of the night (or day for that matter) if a burglar were to break in and...trip over my sleeping cat! LOL He has the habit of being underfoot wherever I go. Cats are just so funny with their little crazy things they do.