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Thread: Homemade Flea Repellent

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    Homemade Flea Repellent

    I've come across this site that has a homemade recipe for natural flea repellent, I thought I'd share it with you. It's at
    The Dog Shop

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    Those look pretty easy to prepare - I like some of the additives for their food, too. thanks!

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    Thanks for the web site with the helpful tips. I do worry about the chemicals in flea control. I'm going to give the lemon in a spray bottle solution a try. It will definitely make them smell nice!

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    When we first got Simba we used the Tea Tree oil in his puppy shampoo. It's natural and tear-free (doesn't mean not to be careful around the eyes, though) It worked like a charm! Only a few drop into the whole bottle of shampoo, and it lasted us for a long time.

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    we used the Tea Tree oil in his puppy shampoo
    just want to add a good word for tea tree oil - we used it on Star when she had a really nasty hot spot caused by a tick dying in her side - it worked very well, I really think it helped her heal more quickly!

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    Thanks for the info. I'm all for trying new stuff to get rid of fleas. They seem to have developed an immunity/mutation to Frontline and Advantage is not quite as potent to them anymore either. Where does one get Tea Tree oil?
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    You can get tee tree oil in most natural food stores, camping supply stores and even some gorcery stores/walmart type stores.

    Edited to add that tee tree oil is good to keep on hand for any animal or person, it helps repel a lot of bugs, heals wounds, helps with skin problems, mast cell tumors, is a nice fragrant smell, I believe it helps clean too, etc...
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    Yea, Tea tree oil is great. I use a tea tree oil & oatmeal shampoo on Bitsy. It really helps her allergies.
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