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Thread: New here - just wanted to say hello!

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    Mar 2005
    Kilbarchan, Scotland

    New here - just wanted to say hello!

    I've only just joined as a user after my big handsome darling Max puss boy was COTD on Tuesday - 29th. Thanks so much to everyone for their replies and lovely comments.

    This does seem like a nice, friendly site and well I'll need to organise pictures of Candy and Tom too so you can all see they are just as good looking as their big brother.

    Anyway, my name's Laura, I'm 29 and live in a small village called Kilbarchan which is in the West of Scotland, just a few miles out from Glasgow. My cats are just the be all and end all to me and I love them so much as I'm sure you'll all understand. They are little furry human beings and such complex little characters - I don't think two cats could ever have the same personalities. Certainly a pet psychiatrist would be baffled in our house, thanks to the goings on.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Hopefully see you all about here soon!


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    Nov 2004
    Canada, Ontario, Trenton
    Welcome to Pet Talk!

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    Nov 2002
    Tennessee, USA
    Welcome to Pet Talk, I look forward to meeting all of your kitties!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Apr 2002
    Laura, you fit in here purrfectly and we are looking forward to the pics of your crew!

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    Oct 2002
    Orlando FL
    Welcome to PT from Orlando FL.

    Can't wait to see your kitties.

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    Mar 2003
    State College PA

    I am looking forward to seeing your cats. I have always wanted to visit Scotland...who knows...perhaps some day.
    I have 5 cats...a husky and a betta fish.


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    Jan 2004
    SE USA
    WELCOME to PT Laura from Laura, the River Rat of the Mississippi River in the good ole USA! I am Laura of Laura's Babies and my babies are in my siggy below. Can't wait to see YOUR babies!

    Kick back and enjoy looking at the pictures of all our babies. We love pictures here so post away!!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Jul 2001
    Toronto, Canada
    Welcome form me (Agnes) and my two furboys Mishka and Bean!!
    from Toronto, Canada!!!!!!!!!

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    Oct 2004
    Toronto, Canada

    Also from Toronto Canada, and my name is Tess.

    My furkids are in my signature.

    Pictures please!

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    Jul 2003
    Welcome to PT!!!!!

    From Decker with Love

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    Mar 2003
    San Francisco, CA, where life is happy and gay!
    Welcome to Pet Talk from sunny San Francisco!

    Little Ms. Mitzi Mitts
    Our Photo Albums are
    Here and Here
    In memory of my beloved fur children, Goldie, Mishi and Mitzi.
    Rest in peace and play hard at the Rainbow Bridge.
    Goldie: 9/5/88 - 4/10/03
    Mishi: with us from 5/5/03 - 7/13/07
    Mitzi: with us from 4/19/03 - 1/23/10

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    Jun 2003
    Connecticut, USA
    Welcome to Pet Talk from sunny Connecticut. I'm Meg and my babies are in my signature below. You sure did pick the right place to come to.....I sure look forward to seeing some photos of your kitties. Welcome again. --- Meg

    Smokey, Mystic, Abner

    Gabriel (Dude), Gracie, Vegas, and Scarlet

    Consider adopting a special needs pet, they deserve a chance too!

    Tony 2/15/99
    Tigger 10/16/06
    Tucker 8/1/08

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    Sep 2002
    Cincinnati, Ohio USA
    Welcome to you from sunny Ohio (he he he). My cats are usually displayed in my signature, but, I am experiencing technical difficulties, and my 'helper' is on vacation!

    Will this fix it?
    Last edited by Cataholic; 05-15-2005 at 08:26 PM.

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    Mar 2003
    Aotearoa- New Zealand -Kia Ora, Tena Koutou,Haere Mai From the Land of the long white cloud.
    Kia Ora (hello) and welcome to PT, great to see another Scot on PT, Killearns Kitties is the only other scot here I think, I am a Scot by birth, but have lived in NZ all my life bar six months.

    I am certain you will enjoy your time here, it is a special place filled with many wonderful animal loving people, who will give you a laugh,share your worries and woes,entertain you, and educate you, so come on by often so we can get to know you and your furbabies.
    Have fun at the Rainbow Bridge,Zara,Rusty, Juliette ,Romeo,sweet Tessa,wee stray and Harvey you all will never be forgotten.

    Furangels only lent.
    RIP my gorgeous Sooti, taken from us far too young, we miss your beautiful face and purssonality,take care of Ash for us, love you xx000

    RIP my beautiful Ash,your pawprints are forever in my heart, love and miss you so much my big boy. (very special thanks to Alysser for my cute siggy)

    RIP my sweet gorgeous girl Ellie-Mae, a little battler to the end, you will never ever be forgotten, your little soul is forever in my heart, my thoughts, my memories, my love for you will never die, Love you my darling little precious girl.

    RIP lil Benson the Hedgehog, came in to our lives suddenly and for a short time ,but you were loved and cared for and missed.

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    Nov 2003
    Tabbyville, PA
    Welcome to PT Laura!

    My name is Kim and I share my home with 4 kitties (plus foster kitties) one dog, a hubby and three teenagers. I work from home, so I get to play with the cats all day long!

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