I've only just joined as a user after my big handsome darling Max puss boy was COTD on Tuesday - 29th. Thanks so much to everyone for their replies and lovely comments.

This does seem like a nice, friendly site and well I'll need to organise pictures of Candy and Tom too so you can all see they are just as good looking as their big brother.

Anyway, my name's Laura, I'm 29 and live in a small village called Kilbarchan which is in the West of Scotland, just a few miles out from Glasgow. My cats are just the be all and end all to me and I love them so much as I'm sure you'll all understand. They are little furry human beings and such complex little characters - I don't think two cats could ever have the same personalities. Certainly a pet psychiatrist would be baffled in our house, thanks to the goings on.

Anyway, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. Hopefully see you all about here soon!