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Thread: Cat sometimes hisses, and makes a huff sound

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    Cat sometimes hisses, and makes a huff sound

    Hi, I am new to this board but have been doing alot of reading for about a hour now. I am so glad I found this board and hope someone out there has answers for me.
    I have a female cat (not fixed yet, but will be next week) her name is Punky (nick name Punk a roo roo) she is a little over a year old now. My lil sister got the cat from a farm when she was just 4.5 weeks old. I took her in because I knew I could give her a better home, and well because I cant say no Well since day one when I first got her she started sucking on our soft blanket we have on our bed, which was cute and we figured she was taken away from her mommy and she still wanted the nipple from her mother. To this day she still does that, just not very often. Ok well whats really bothering me is when people she doesnt know try picking her up or touching her she hisses, and makes a sound like a huff out of her nose and she will back someone in the corner like she is pertecting herself. She has never done this to me, but my husband she does alot and some other people that come to visit our home. Sometimes though I dont understand because someone will come over and she rubs on their legs like she is saying "Rub Me" but when someone goes to pet her she starts the hissing and huffs, and swats at you. She is dangerous or anything like that but she probably does this 4-5 times a week. anyone else have this problem? I would like to read about simular stories

    Any help would be greatly apreciated!!!

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    Oh dear! I can see how you've got a problem there. Now, I don't mean to make you sad or sorry, but to the best of my knowledge kittens should not be taken from their mother till they are at least 12 weeks old. If you do, there is a risk the cat will not develop quite the way you'd expect. It could go on being a little immature and be unsecure when dealing whith new things. I've heard they often continue to suckle on various items such as hair, cloth, etc. Now it's too late to change that - so I think you'll have to be very patient with her. It think she hisses because she is insecure, so don't make a fuss, just be calm and ignore it when she does, and talk gently to her. Don't try to force her to like other people!

    There could be other reasons, of course. Do you have children or a lot of other pets around the house? Some animals don't agree with a lot of commotion or noise. Maybe she need a calm place which is all hers? You could fix up a place like that for her. Well, that's all for now!

    Good luck, and lots of love from
    Bella the cat and Sus

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    Has she had a bad experience like somebody swatting her? Most cats will suck on blankets even if they are not taken away from their parents early. It is a common thing for cats to do and usually does not cause problems other than having soaked blankets and sweaters.
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    well, being that my cat Shy was abused as a kitten, i can tell you whatever the problem your cat has it will take alot of patience and understanding on your part...if she is resisting being picked up, don't pick her up...identify the things that stress her and then try to eliminate or minimize that situation...give her time...let guests know that she has special needs and not to handle her, just let her do her own not be worried though, because with patience, understanding, and love she will come around...btw Shy is almost 11 years old and i still canot pick her up...(10 sec is most)...good luck...keep us posted and welcome to PT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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