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Thread: Any Hedgehog owners on PT?

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    Any Hedgehog owners on PT?

    I have a pepper and salt colored hedgehog name Pepper, anyone else have a hedgehog??

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    I worked in a Pet store and we had two hedgehogs. They were fun to play with but tempermental! One of them would bite and stayed in a ball most of the time. The other one was friendly and even got caught in my hair!
    They are nocturnal animals. Which means they are more active at night. They like it darker. Their eyes are sensitive to light. I handled mine with leather gloves but they don't like that. Once they are calm and adjusted they may not roll up as much.
    They are quite popular in England as wild animals living in the hedges. There a few hedge hog rescuing groups over there.
    I loved the hedgehogs we had. I sure do miss them. They are personable little creatures!
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    I have three. One chocolate, and two chocolate snowflakes. =) Their names are Speedy, Flower, and Spike. If you do a search for hedgehog in Pet General you will find many threads with photos of my three.

    Do you have any photos of your little one?
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