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Thread: My 2 Females Fighting

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    My 2 Females Fighting

    Hi..Hopefully someone can give me some advice with my problem. I have 2 female dogs, Sadie is a 3 year old Rat Terrier, she weighs about 25 lbs and we got her first. Maggie is almost 2 and she's a Maltese/Rat Terrier mix weighing about 8 lbs. We got Maggie about 1 1/2 years after getting Sadie. We moved to our new house in August of 2004. Ok here's my problem...just recently they have been fighting, not drawing blood yet, but fighting none the less. It seems Sadie will at times stalk Maggie around the house. Maggie gets scared and will shake and go hide under the bed. They both sleep in the bed, they have since they were puppies and if Maggie is there first Sadie will come up and pounce on her if she's under the covers. I used to put them both together when we left but I can't anymore because Maggie jumps to get out and she seems scared to be in there with Sadie. I put them both together tonight to see how it would go and no less than 5 minutes they were in there, they were fighting. Maggie was shaking and I believe she peed in there as well. They play with each other any other time, but it seems they fight when they are put together and we leave or if one thinks they other is getting more attention. We give both of the equal attention. I don't know what's going on. Maybe because they are both getting into their "teenage years". I separated them the other night to different rooms when they got into a fight. Sadie by age and size would be the alpha and she's usually is, so I don't know if she is trying to reaffirm that with Maggie. Any advice would be helpful. Sorry so long. Also I would never consider giving either of them away. They are both my babies and precious to me.

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    Welcome to PT...don't have any words of wisdom as I only have one...but hopefully someone who has dealt with this can help. I know there are many here who have more than one in the home

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    Re: My 2 Females Fighting

    Originally posted by gemini9961
    We give both of the equal attention. I don't know what's going on. Maybe because they are both getting into their "teenage years".
    You said that Sadie was the first dog, is the largest dog and acts like the alpha. So, first, you should establish that she is the alpha by NOT giving them both equal attention. This could be confusing Sadie and Maggie, and Sadie probably still feels the need to establish her dominance. Pet Sadie first, feed her first, give her treats first, and give her special privileges. You should definitely still give Maggie her own time to be loved, but you need to make it clear to both dogs that Sadie is dominant. You should also establish that you are the alpha over both dogs, by not allowing them onto couches/beds, obedience training them, and start NILIF with both dogs. To prevent fights while you're gone, crate train both girls and keep them in their crates to sleep and stay in while unsupervised. It's much more safe for both dogs.

    Being strict and setting limits for your dogs is hard, but they crave that. Dogs need to have a pack structure, and they need to know where they are in their "pack". A lot of people here have tons more experience, but I'm pretty sure this could be a good start good luck!

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    Are either of them spayed?
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    Yes, they were both spayed as pups, before they ever went into heat.

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    I hate to sound too negative, but frankly, females fight, especially with other females. I have six females in my pack and most of the time I keep them apart. Two of them can't be anywhere near another female dog without bloodshed.

    A Nothing in Life is Free program is a great idea for both dogs. I'd keep them apart when you can't be right there to watch them.
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