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Thread: Is This Right?

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    Is This Right?

    My friend's(Heather) mom's boyfriend's(Mark) dog had puppies. My friend was going to have one of the puppies, it's the runt of the litter and she named her Dakota, but the momma dog was originally Mark's brother's dog. Now the brother's wife is trying to get rid of Dakota and she knows the Heather wants this dog. She just says that it's her husband's dog, but her husband dumped the dog off at his brother's house. So I feel bad for Heather, she won't say anything to her but I probably will when I go see the puppies today, I don't think this is right and I know Heather will take care of the dog. ANother thing I'm mad about is the puppies are only 5 weeks old and they are already trying to get rid of them!
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    No it is not right...The puppies do
    need their mother until atleast 8 weeks of age..They
    will be healthier that way. Please,please try to convince your friend's boyfriend to let them stay until they are old enough to leave their mother. If they had the dogs mate, they are
    responsible for them until they are old enough to leave
    their mothers..I am just in shock, hopefully you can convince
    them to take care of them until they are 8 wks. of age.

    Let me tell you a story. When I was about 8 years old
    my dogs Daisy and Tommy mated, and you know what
    we had to deal with it but it was a blessing when they were born because
    it was on my mom's birthday which is June 30th.
    I loved those puppies to death, when my mom
    would take a shower, they were all over me licking my face
    It is the best memory I have had and I helped her
    feed them and potty train them. Yes, it was overwhelming
    but when it was time to find them homes we didn't keep
    any of them but loved them dearly and they all got good
    homes . I named one Cupcake she was the last one
    we found a home for because I loved her so much.
    We gave them the best homes they could have
    asked for.

    I just hope you can convince them to wean the puppies
    off of their mother's milk before they find homes for them.
    I would put them on hold if I were them until they
    are on puppy food.

    Best of luck to you.
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