Ok as some of you know I have been dealing with a skin thing with Merlin. Vet couldn't figure it out either.
Recap for some. It's like a black head that gets bigger and spreads all over his ody. they rupture and a waxy substance comes out and realy really stinks (worse than anal gland)
I started talking with a freind who does nothing but natrual med. on her and her pets. I shaved the poor old boy bald (again) bath in in puppy shampoo. Changed feed While I know some of you don't appove of the food I choose please its working for him. I mix a small (5lb) bagof Beniful with a 15lb bag of his Sr. food. In the AM he gets a cup of this with a Cayane pepper capsule and a gel cap of Flax,fish,and Borage oil.I have been doing this for about a month now and hes sores are almost gone ,his new coat is nice and shiny. I then give him a cup of food in the evening with no addings. He still has an order that is bad but getting better.
We started thinking about all the things that have happened to him. I remembered how he and the cat managed to get in to my dark chocolate candy bars ( 2 1lb) 3 years ago . He was lethargic but not much else so I figured at the time evey thing was ok. Hindsight being great ,I think at that time he may have damaged his system that handles the pores.
The combination I am giving him is getting his immune and adrenals going again. He even seens to have more energy (hes under foot again) .
Just thought if any one else has a simular problem this is what I found. And I have my boy almost back to being him self.