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Thread: Skin problem?

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    Skin problem?

    Just when I think everything is good, something else happens. Last week I noticed some little scabs on my cat Abby's neck. I thought it was from the kitten Hanna - she likes to hide and ambush Abby. Bo had a little spot too, so I figured it was from the kitten.

    But Abby's scabs have spread, along her back and a little down her shoulder. She doesn't seem to be itchy, but if I dig my fingers into her fur, I can feel the spots.

    I don't think it's fleas, I haven't seen any (and it would be easy to see with Bo - he's white) and my vet did a thorough check when I had her at the vet in September. We don't usually have a flea problem, the cats stay indoors. In all the years I have had pets, I have only had fleas once, and that was an indoor/outdoor cat.

    So Abby has a vet appt. on Friday. Bo has it, but not bad, and Hanna has nothing.

    Anyone have any ideas? I also thought maybe it was from the little bit of kitten chow I mixed into the adult cats' dry food (I had a little left in the bag, I didn't want to throw it), it was IAMs and my adults only eat Science diet - but I don't know if that little bit would trigger something like this.

    I dread this, because 1. Abby is hard to take to the vet. I have to take one of the dogs to get his teeth cleaned that morning too - at the same time. I need a sedative, for me. and 2. Abby is really, really hard to give meds to. She spits pills back out, and when I give her liquids she foams at the mouth - and most of the liquids come back up. When she had problems with asthma, the vet gave her a shot instead because I couldn't get any medicine in her. I can't hide medicines in food, because the only thing she will eat is her dry cat food. She won't eat canned, and turns her nose up at anything - even tuna and turkey.

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    I'm so sorry to hear about your cats skin problems. I don't have any advice except to wish you good luck at the vet. Hopefully it isn't anything serious and is easily treatable. Please keep us updated. All fingers and paws are crossed here.
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    I'm not sure, what day is it? ;-)
    Sorry, I have nothing to offer either, but good wishes for the vet visit on Friday. Seems odd that she's not itchy because the way you describe it, it just seems like it would itch. I guess it could possibly be allergies, but I really have no idea.

    She's such a pretty kitty that I hope everything is ok and it's nothing serious. Please keep us updated.
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    I just got back form the vet, she did a scraping. She thinks it might be parasitic. My cats stay indoors, but we have 3 dogs who are inside/outside. So if I find out anything more, I'll post it.

    I had a cat (Boo -RB) who lost his hair in clumps - one day it just started falling out over his hips - no scabs, no ringworm, the vet found nothing wrong with him at all. It fell out and never grew back - the vet said it might be from stress. That is why skin problems worry me.

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