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    Does anyone know about Nutro/ Max Cat food? It is at the Tractor Supply store where I live. They sell big bags of it for a reasonable price. I did a search on the web and it says it's supossed to be a good quality food.
    P.S. I tried to send a pic of my babies...hope it worked.
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    Nutro brand of food is excellant. My gang of three eats the Nutro Weight Maintance. We get it at PetSmart in 20 lb bag. Our Tractor Supply only carries smaller bags of cat food and larger bags for dogs. We go 26 miles north to PetSmart instead of 2 miles north to Tractor Supply.
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    I am sure this is a good food..mine eat Authority inside formula...I give them a can to split for a treat but what they mostly get is the dry brand.....BTW~ Your kitties are adorable!

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    Your cats sure are cute!

    Nutro is really good food for healthy kitties. A few of mine would vomit a lot after eating it, but they have sensitive tummies.

    I feed mine Royal Canin's Special Dry and am debating a change from their canned Innova to canned Natural Balance.
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    awesome food! I fed it to my old dog, Mocha, for about five years and not the only thing, she loves them! I was amazed with her skin and coat...soo shiny.

    second answer: I've been asking vets, vets and vets around - they always include Nutro as a recommend food brand along with other brands; eukanuba (under IAMS too), science diets (for whose can't digest very great) and max's choice. so far you're getting positive answers, go for it! enjoy your! oops!
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    I feed both of mine Nutro Natural Indoor Formula and I'm very happy with it. Both of my cats have nice coats and are healthy.
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