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    If you aren't the dearest little thing, Hera, I do not know who is. I was in such a bad mood this morning, then comes your bright and shiney face and I couldn't help but smile. I would imagine you have that effect on everybody. If I ever come to Rome the first thing I will do is go to the villa Borghese to see if I might meet you in the flesh. Yes, precious little Hera... Desidero baciarlo sui labbri.

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    Quite the little sailor! Hera definitely does better on boats than I do...

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    How I adore JRT'S! BIG, smart, zippy dogs in those little, muscular and compact bodies! Oh, that look on your face; those "blinkies!" And what a smile! A goddess indeed! You brightened my rainy day as well, precious Hera! What good work Enza does "rescuing" such wonderful pups like you. She sounds like such a special mommy! And wouldn't I be proud as well to be walking you down the Villa Borghese! With your own sailboat and vacations on Sicily, life sounds 'molto bene'! Congratulations to our goddess; our Dog of the Day, Hera! Bellissimo!

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    Hera, you are just beautiful and so lucky to have so many friends. I think your family was so fortunate to be able to have you for their own. Summers in Sicily, my what a great life you have. Congradulations on being the most traveled, sweetest and beautiful Dog of the Day.

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    Hera, you look like you are have so much doggie joy on that boat! I'd love to be out on the water with you, so I could give you hugs and tell your mom what a good job she is doing! Congratulations, goddess-doggie!
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    Hera, you are indeed a Goddess! Congratulations on being our Italian star today!!!

    I've been Boooo'd!

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    Hera, what a wonderful life you lead with your owner...walking in the beautiful gardens, holidaying in Sicily. But you're such a cutie that you deserve the best. Next time you're in Sicily, sail over the short distance to the island of Malta. That's where my family came from originally. So if I'm holidaying in Malta I might be fortunate enough to meet you. Have a very special day now that you're Dog of the Day. I'm sure your owner will give you lots of treats to celebrate.

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    I've been away, but had to catch up on what I missed! I'm so glad I got to see you on your boat ride! Its ok if you don't like swimming. You can just ride! And to live in such a beautiful place, Rome! Congratulations on being a very special Dog of the Day!

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