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Thread: [[-One of my Bettas-Pics-]]

  1. [[-One of my Bettas-Pics-]]

    This is only 1 of my Bettas, of the 3. So, these are poor quality, but it is of his tank and him. You can't tell his clours but they are red, purple & blue. He is a veil-tail betta. I like how his tank is set up, and I can't wait til my new one comes. I have several tanks, don't worry!

    They aren't the best like I said before so bear with me!

    This is Rebel, my very first Betta. He has done his fair share in his life so far. I am very proud of him, the others are always difficult to catch and change. Rebel isn't!

    This is his bad picture, so its going first!

    The light is on in the tank, so you'll get a light reflection!

    Very BLURRY!

    And I really like this pic, don't know why though!

    Hope you liked the bad pics!

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    Wow! Seeing these pics makes want to see the rest! I bet they are all beautiful!

    Niņo & Eliza

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    I like that last one too! It makes him look angelic.
    Shadow & Gus (the kitties), Blink (the gecko), Draco, Satine, Damon, & Outback (the fishies) ~I'll be there for you - 'cause you're there for me too~

    Be at peace, Erin, I will miss you and remember your sweet face always...

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    Ya!! Love seeing Betta pictures, I have the same exact tank, but I gave it to my mother-in-law...

  5. I hope you're having an awesome time with your fish Kara! I so can't wait for mine to come. She hasn't gotten back to me lately though.

    Thank you for the compliments, he keeps looking at the screen!

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    Thats a very cute betta. Bettas are cute. I would love to have one, but I don't think my parents are up for another pet right now. lol

  7. Thank you!

    LOL, I don't think they are up to more friends at the moment either!

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    Rebel looks like a beautiful betta! I hope you get some more good pics of him soon!!

    Thanks Kay!!

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