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Thread: Do your dogs howl?

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    Do your dogs howl?

    Do you have dogs that howl? What makes them howl? Nebo and Reggie both howl....very very occasionally they will do it when they are happy (like when I get home or something) but not much. Also if Nebo is in his crate and unhappy about it he'll let out some pretty awful howls/barks.

    Usually they will only howl if we howl with them. And we do (my parents and I) all the time...I bet the neighbors think we're nuts. I love howling with them. They'll "sing" songs with us too. They do a pretty good rendition of Happy Birthday, just ask Kay . Sydney will not howl but she will join in by barking.

    Nebo will also howl if Reggie and Sydney are barking. Just a few minutes ago they were both barking their heads off at something outside and they were interupted by this long mournful howl...Nebo just can't stand it when they are barking it makes him howl.

    Nebo has a really odd howl too...I don't really know how to describe check out the video (attached)
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