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Thread: Soo... Pictures of ANOTHER Betta!! ~LOOK~

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    Soo... Pictures of ANOTHER Betta!! ~LOOK~

    I ended up getting 2 male betta's from that same breeder... BUT... the other one was supose to go to my future Mother-in-Law...... Well, I just FELL in love with him, so I kept him and gave her my wal-mart rescue...

    Here he is!!! His name is Nitro!!! I think it fits him perfect!

    *EDIT* I am officially TOTALLY addicted to Bettas!!!

  2. Of course you're addicted! So am I, I just bought my tank today. And the one I am getting has maybe turned into 2!

    Hes gorgeous, you're right, the name does suit him perfect. Tonight when I went to wal-mart I saw the most stunning white crown tail ever! I almost got him!

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    They are addicting! I've got three, but everytime I go to work, I look at the bettas and have to tell myself not to get another one. I'd have more if I didn't have to travel with college.

    But Nitro is beautiful! And I love the name too.
    Shadow & Gus (the kitties), Blink (the gecko), Draco, Satine, Damon, & Outback (the fishies) ~I'll be there for you - 'cause you're there for me too~

    Be at peace, Erin, I will miss you and remember your sweet face always...

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    Nitro's another gorgeous betta! Love his color!!

    Thanks Kay!!

    ~It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you~ -Batman Begins

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    Nitro is beautiful! I know what you mean about being addicted, I just got Yuki and Sunday and now I want another!
    I've been Defrosted!

    Thanks for the great signature Kay!

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    Nitro is beautiful! I'm addicted, too. But my mom has said no more pets. (She said that after we got Taffy, and we got Snowy, and then she said it again and we got Buttons, she is too weak )

    Chrissy [human] Snowy [bichon/maltese] Buttons ['tiel] Bubbles [CT betta]

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