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Thread: Foot (paw) Fungus??

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    Foot (paw) Fungus??

    My dog has recently developed the habit of consistently licking her paw. At first I thought she cut it..Now that I have been looking at it closer I realized that it looks different than her other front paw. Between the main pad of her paw and her other pads there appears to be some type of fungus. I'm not really sure if it's a fungus or what. I do know that she has been playing in the ocean a lot lately and I believe that the moisture between her pads has something to do with it. Has anyone heard of this or know what I can put on it?


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    Easy,, Call the vet

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    More likely

    your dog had an allergy to something in its environment. Puppy licks paw. Constant licking makes some area of the paw raw. Puppy chews paw due the burning sensation. Paw gets infected.

    Take puppy to the Vet. They will probably prescribe an antibiotic, plus an antibiotic salve. Also ask the Vet about treating with an antihistamine to counter any allergies. Usually Benedryl (1-2 mg/lb) does well.

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