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Thread: My Review on the book "Natural Cures"

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    My Review on the book "Natural Cures"

    Since I am up at odd hours while working, I get the pleasure of seeing the mid- night infomercials and that one about the natural cures really caught my attention so I ordered it.

    I was HIGHLY dissapointed with it. It is pretty much a repete of the infomercial and to find the answers, you must go to his websight

    Quote"There are two ways to join:

    You can join as a monthly member for $9.95 a month. As a monthly member you will have access to our website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and have full access to the monthly newsletter and everything that is on the site.

    You can become a lifetime member for $499. For this one time fee you will have unlimited access to the site for life and never be charged again! The additional benefits of being a lifetime member include:
    Be able to download every new Kevin Trudeau book or CD - absolutely free!
    You will receive one free ticket to every Kevin Trudeau seminar or workshop in the future. Tickets for these events have gone as high as $3,000 per person.
    I want you to join now, even though the website has a long way to go to become fully operational"

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    Sounds like you'd be better served looking for "Juju or Santeria"
    in the phone book, killing a few chickens and lighting black candles.

    Of course there'll be the one cure where you have to dance around naked with burning bunches of sage in your hands, but that's the GOLD MEMBERSHIP....


    I think we did a thread a while back about natural cures....

    It was fun and interesting!
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    I laugh, therefore? I am.

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