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Thread: New Chinchilla

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    New Chinchilla

    Hi everyone! I have just gotten a standard grey 8 months old chinchilla exactly a week ago. I live in Hawaii and it can get pretty hot during the day. Any suggestion to how I can help my baby stay cool? Unfortunately I don't have a AC, I keep my fan on during the day when I am at work, and I've read that it doesn't help because a chinchilla doesn't sweat. Please help!

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    I don't know how hot it gets in Hawaii, but I have a friend here in N. TX who also has a chinchilla with no A/C. She keeps a fan on in the room (it still helps, even tho your baby doesn't perspire, becuase the fan will still move the hot air off your little guy - your car radiator does not sweat, either, but your car's fan still cools it off) and gives him his volcanic ash once a day, and he seems to do fine. It normally stay 95-105 from May to September here to give you a comparison.

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    Hi Zoo.

    I have never been to Hawaii but my good friend just got back and she mentioned the extreme humidity was worse then the actual heat. I would suggest a fan to keep the Chin cool, but also a de-humidifier will keep little chin cool. I have raised and bred chinchillas and I do know that they like to be on the cool side, I always kept mine in a room with a hardwood floor because it would stay cooler then a room with carpeting. And I am sure you know that shutting blinds/shears/curtins during the day is also good to keep out extra heat. The daily dust bath will be important, especially with the heat and humidity.

    Congrats on your new baby Chinchillas are so adorable. I hope you enjoy many, many years together.

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    I don't know if this would help with a chinchilla, but when it gets really hot here - hot and muggy, (bleah) we freeze a plastic bottle of water, and put it near where our rabbit relaxes/snoozes during the hottest parts of the day. It creates a little cool zone, and of course collects condensation which she can lick off for a nice cool sip of water. It's cheap, (they're my leftover Fruit2-O bottles), and by having two bottles in rotation, there's always a cool one waiting.

    We don't, in Massachuestts, have the constant heat/humidity, but we get stretches of it that feel like forever!
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    The frozen water bottle is good but keep it outside the cage,as it melts and the moisture beads up it will really mat up the fur NEVER get a chin wet.
    I have raised them for 10 years, the ash and a fan not directly on it is good.
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    Thanks for all your replies, they are all very helpful. I read that putting a few ice cubes in a tin bowl so they can lean on it can help. But I never tried because I worried about the condensation. But I will give the frozen bottle a try. I would say we are at about an average of 85 degrees during the summer. Which is not bad compare to the mainland, I am just being extremely careful.

    Also, if you could help me with this one. How long does it usually take for a chin to get use to you? I let her out and she just loves it, running all over the place, she is really good about going back to her cage, I just have to ask her. But she doesn't like it when I carry her, but loves to be petted. Is that how it all begins? Thanks Again!

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