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Thread: *Love is so confusing*

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    *Love is so confusing*

    Okay this is the guy who teased me last year and now this

    I don't know if he is for real or not because he was so rude to me last year..and now this he wrote me a "love letter" in a shape of a heart with my name on it and the "letter" in another heart shape here is what it says:

    "Krista I loved you for so long...
    I truely can't express my feelings the way I wish. I really would. I love ya animals(that is the part I don't get
    ) And when you still on the computer when it's past 3...I wish you would be holding me.
    --Be my Valentine pp--please--
    F: your baby boo
    I'm Love w/ you"

    Vinnie Spalding

    Do you guys think he is for real?? I have no idea but that "letter" brought tears to my eyes that someone might want to be with me. Do you guys think I should give him a chance?
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    A guy would be lucky to be with you...just be slow and cautious and make sure he means well.
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  3. I know what he means when he says the part you don't get!

    3:00 must be after school hours and oyu are on the computer at school, he probly saw you and *wished* he was there with you.

    Tell him ok and let him take you out somehwere, see if you like his style, the way he acts around you, your friends, his friends, etc.

    You will be able to tell if its real chemistry or not. Its your own opinion what do you think?

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    I'm sorry, but I don't remember the story on this guy. Was he jokingly teasing you or was he saying mean things?

    If he's mean, I wouldn't have anything to do with him, ever, or until he can grow up and be nice.

    Good luck.
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    Hmm that is a tough one. He could be using this to tease you more or he could have been teasing you last year because he liked you then too. You boys use teasing as a way of flirting. I'm sorry, I don't know what to tell you Good Luck!
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    I'm sorry, but I don't remember the story on this guy. Was he jokingly teasing you or was he saying mean things?
    He was serious like saying "Don't talk to me or "Shut up"..but he has been very sweet to me this year I just hope he isn't teasing..I kind of like him too.
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    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    I would be very careful, people can be cruel. I think anyone would be lucky to be with you, but sometimes, at this age, guys can play cruel jokes.

    I would say go up to him and talk to him. Just say like Hi, takling face to face should let you get a better feel for what he means.

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    Like everyone else said, approach with caution. I really hope he isn't trying to play a rude joke, because that would be just cruel. Maybe talk to him and see if he says sorry for anything.

    Sometimes guys show their affection in weird ways. In 6th grade, this boy used to chase me around and kick my shins. My friends always had to chase him off and kick him back! Turned out he had a 2 year crush on me Looking back, I see it now. But back then I thought he hated me!
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    AWWW that's sweet. (I think) I hope that he likes you because what I've seen of you, you seem so sweet. But be careful. As others have said guys show love in different ways. Good luck, I hope he's the one!

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    Maybe Vinnie has just grown up a bit. Talk to him and find out if he really is a good person or not.

    Ahh young love, I remember it

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