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Thread: The shelties and Tango (pics)........

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    The shelties and Tango (pics)........

    As Devan already mentioned we decided, kinda spur of the moment, to meet up with the dogs and take them for a run.
    The dogs got along really well. They ran, rested (when we forced them) and ran some more. The pics therefore are pretty self-explanatory. LOL
    So in no particular order, here are my pics from today's mini impromtu PT meeting.

    Tango was SUPER excited, and had a hard time holding still. Who can blame her though when it's so obvious that being naughty is FUN!!! LOL

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    *Thanks Ashley*

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    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Tango is one of the most photogenic dogs I've met.

    That's all. I hope you all enjoyed!

    And sorry for so many!

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Adorable pictures!! The pups look like they are flying in some of them LOL

    I wanna come visit you all

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
    Piddle Jasper Wiggles Emma Tucker Almond Pecan
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    Tigger Ace

    RIP Angus, I miss you!

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    lovely pictures of the dogs having fun! do they run as fast as each other?

    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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    Deep in the heart of KY! :)
    Those are great pics!! Really good action shots! I love Tango's expression with the ball in her mouth! What beautiful shelties too! Ww!!

    Thanks Kay!!

    ~It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you~ -Batman Begins

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    this pic is hilarious and one of my favorites

    they are great and looking like they had a blast

    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Great pictures! Looks like everyone had a blast. Now you guys will know eachother when you come to the Kelowna meeting!
    I've been BOO'd!

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    LOL I love this pic

    All of the pictures were excellent! Much better than mine are I'm so glad I finally got to meet you and the Shelties

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    Wheeee! Looks like a blast!
    Tango is certainly very photogenic, but so are Emily and Clipse!
    YAY for Mini PT Meetings!

    Many thanks to Roxyluvsme13 & k9krazee for my great new siggy!!
    *click* Kirk's Recovery Thread *click*

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    omg!! Tango is soo beautiful! You are so lucky you got to meet her

    she totally reminds me of Gonzo with the ball! thats mostly all he did at our meet ^_^ beautiful pics, GORGEOUS Shelteez as usual. did you guys forget to take a group pic too?

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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    Originally posted by bckrazy
    did you guys forget to take a group pic too?
    Ummm......yes....that's it.....we "forgot" to take a group pic.....

    Actually this is the group pic. LOL

    *Thanks Ashley*

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    Just HOW DO YOU solve a problem like Maria?
    Looks like you guys had a good time, who knows maybe one day we'll be able to orgainze a slightly bigger Calgary meeting
    Goonies never say die!

    Thanks Amy for the great sig!

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