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Thread: Does anyone have mor than one breed?

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    Does anyone have mor than one breed?

    I have a cat,named polly, and a dog,named Daisy. Does anyone have more than a breed
    of animal?

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    Born in Scotland, live in England UK
    Yes I do. I have two cats named Tatty and Max plus a Mummy rabbit and her six babies. I am also a pet sitter so sometimes I can even have a dog in the house staying for a few nights. At the moment I taking care of a cat called Riesa, she is a little ginger Tabby. On Monday I will be looking after Macey a lovely little Tibetian Terrier.

    To have alook at some of the lovely animals that I have the pleasure to take care of look at the photo's on

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    Yes. I have more than one kind of animal. I have three zebra finches, a muscovy duck and i just got a baby gerbil last sunday. I dont have any pics of them yet...i am hoping to get a scanner real soon.
    My Newest baby- Sam the gerbil born on Nov. 9 2001~!

    I love my muscovy duck, Scruffy
    I love my three zebra finches, Daisy, Rocky, and Tweet

    my parakeets, Cricket & Fifi
    my Dwarf Lop Rabbit, snowball

    **I miss you all. You will always have a special place in my heart.**

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    I have a border collie mix dog---Diana--- and sable ferret named Chester Thai and an angorian cat named bayba...I am also hoping to either get another ferret or a finch

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    Well, I have a red-bellied (mini) macaw named Gabby, a cockatiel named Java, a hedgehog named Stormy, a skinny pig (which is a hairless guinea pig) named Shorty, a bull terrier named Chevy, and a hamster named Steffi.

    A bird is worth a thousand words.

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    I'm new here but I thought I would reply to this! I have 2 kinds. I live on a goat farm & have around a 100 goats plus theres about 20 cats. We use to have horses but , sold them all not long ago.

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    Do you mean breeds or species? I only have one species (Dog) but he's many many breeds I think! Unless he's a Hovawart of a flat-coated retriever...The jury's still out on that one!

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