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Thread: AAHHH! Growling!

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    AAHHH! Growling!

    Bull is growling at me! And barking and just being ornery! How in the world do I end this before it gets bad???

  2. Kristl,

    I'm not saying this to be rude, and don't take it the wrong way, but you will have to stop worrying about everything Bull does, I understand that he is your first dog, but you will make it through trust me!

    Growling and barkingis just a thing dogs do, you can't stop it, it won't harm him or you! He is just playing, if they are aggresive which I doubt such a young puppy would be, then their hair would be up ears pinned back(or forward if a dominance issue) and his tail would be straight out or tucked(possibly up high if dominace as well), just try not to worry!

    Its ok! Please don't take this the wrong way!

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    OK. I don't take it wrong... I just want to be sure I am doing everything as correctly as possible! I don't want a perfect dog, or to be a perfect owner...I just want both to be really good.

  4. You're doing great! Trust me! Thanks for taking it good, it wasn't meant to be harmful!

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    Its better to ask a lot of questions than to ask none and maybe miss something.. I totally understand. If the growling/barking really bothers you, tell him NO sternly, or put him on a "time out" to teach him not to growl at you. Puppies will do this when they play with other puppies, they should learn not to growl at you.

    Just wait until you go through the puppy biting stages ... thats always fun!

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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