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Thread: Aussie beach bums *pics*

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    Aussie beach bums *pics*

    Whilst the majority of PT are freezing their butts of we have been enjoying flyball comps, and weekends away at the beach. spending time with good friends and awesome dogs, what more could a furmum and her furbabys want.

    Flyball pics first .

    A tired Polly dog, one of the many Jacks that run with our club.

    The oppersition . Look at the cool launcing board the the Jack (Pixie) uses now.

    The gorgeous Maggie, not bad for a RSPCA dog. Lol she is the fastest and most reliable dog ever, and can easily run 4.1 seconds.

    The 3 stooges ...... Dont tell them that though.

    Wendy and Uncle Astro, (Aka Elvies twin) .

    More coming.....
    Rhi *Hooman* Clover *Rottie x ACD* (RIP to my BRD) Elvis and Tinny *The BCs* & Harri *JRT* Luna *BC x*

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    Random pics, not in any particular order....

    Clover and El, wrestling on the motel bed. Shhh they wern't suppose to be inside.

    Cool Jellyfish..

    My handsome boy.

    My Angel girl...
    Just after i released Clover from the "down" "Stay" she found a huge fish hook with a tiny piece of bait and tried to eat it. Finally a friend and i yelled at her to spit it out so much she did. It was a close call and if she had of got the hook down it would have killed her.

    More coming ....
    Rhi *Hooman* Clover *Rottie x ACD* (RIP to my BRD) Elvis and Tinny *The BCs* & Harri *JRT* Luna *BC x*

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    Posers, not posing very well lol. Thats the best i could do.

    The gorgeous Maggie again. How could someone give up such an awesome dog.
    But she has a great home now, and lives life to the fullest.

    Dorky dawgs , they had a ball that night. We took 8 of the dogs down the beach and they were all running and swimming. And their were NO fights .

    Little Midge, she is a cutie.

    Few more coming...
    Rhi *Hooman* Clover *Rottie x ACD* (RIP to my BRD) Elvis and Tinny *The BCs* & Harri *JRT* Luna *BC x*

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    Lots O Dawgs

    Thats all for now, i have a few hundred more photos to resize and upload in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoyed.
    Rhi *Hooman* Clover *Rottie x ACD* (RIP to my BRD) Elvis and Tinny *The BCs* & Harri *JRT* Luna *BC x*

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    cute pics
    Krista- owned by Rudy, Dixie, Miagi & Angel

    Rocky, Jenny, Ginger Buster & Tiger .. forever loved & always in my heart..

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    Wow, they had fun! Great pics!

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    I just LOVE that picture of Clover...
    What a beautiful beach... Maggie is an absolute doll.. What a gorgeous girl. And of course Elvis is as handsome as ever!!
    Great pics!!

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    GREAT pics, Rhi!!! I love the ones of C & E wrestling. Little Pixie is a cutie, and so is Midge.

    I've never seen a jellyfish before. Very... interesting. LOL

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    great pics! it's hard to believe that those intresting looking jelly fish can really hurt!
    Owned by two little pastries!


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    Great pics! I love the one of Elvis in the car with Clover peeking from the back seat and the one of them posing together on the beach.
    The fly ball pics are awesome too.
    Glad they had fun!

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    The beach pictures were beautiful !! I'm jealous, it's -25 here right now, I want to go to the beach too !!!

    I've only seen small little jelly fish before, that ones huge Are those ones really poisonous?

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    Great pictures!! What I wouldn't give to spend a day at the beach.

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

    "We can judge the heart of man by his treatment of animals"

    ~Find the seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower~

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    Thanks everyone . Lol i love the photo of the Jellyfish, they are pretty harmless those ones. And that particular one was d.e.a.d .

    We were very nawtee humans that weekend the dogs were wrestling on the beds and sleeping inside when they were not suppose to . But our neighbour at the motel let his Staffy sleep inside aswell .

    Once again thankyou.
    Rhi *Hooman* Clover *Rottie x ACD* (RIP to my BRD) Elvis and Tinny *The BCs* & Harri *JRT* Luna *BC x*

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    Nice pics, looks like the pups had fun! Yes the beach looks nice when it's 15F here right now! I thought the jellyfish looked cool, until you said it was dead!
    Forever in my heart...

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    Aww.. Those are such a great photos All of them
    Thát pic of jellyfish is awesome LOL
    Thanx for sharing

    Liga(me),Carreras(gordon setter),Simba(the cat),Felix(bun),Aisha & Nila(ratties),Ellie(guinea piggy)

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