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Thread: Bon (TV and BROOM VIDEOS!)

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    Bon (TV and BROOM VIDEOS!)

    Ohh I just had to share this video it is so funny!

    Amy, Ralph, Sadie, Cincy & Spot sent me the breed all about it video of bullmastiffs (for my bday-thanks again guys!) so we decided to watch it last night.
    Of course I didn't think to get the camera out...who would have thought I could get such good footage
    Well of course Bon started barking his head off as soon as he heard the dogs on tv bark. Kinda like "Hey, that sounds like a mastiff. Where's he at?". The funny thing was he even was watching it and at one point the dog was walking out a gate and kind of walked off the screen and Bon tried to follow him He kept looking around the tv to see if he could find him! I'm just sorry I didn't have the camera out then.
    But we did play some of the video back and got him barking and looking at the tv. Not as good as what I told you about, but I think you'll like it
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    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    HEHE! Every time I play that video he barks

    Anyway here's the one of him with the broom.
    It was the first time he has seen it and was having a great time barking at it.
    His voice is sooo deep...I just love it!
    And look how big he's gotten
    He's going to be My Pet Pony
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    Huney, Bon & Simba-missed so very much
    Remembering all the Rainbow Bridge Pets

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    Too funny! Loved the TV one... the other one, the one with the broom, reminded me of my Samantha. She does the same thing!

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    I need to have a talk with my boss... about fixing these computers so I can watch the Pet Talk videos!!!

    Alden is here!!
    7/6/2006 - 9 pounds 9 ounces 22 inches


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    Hey Anna!

    LOL! those are great! I love Honey in the second one. So much like Murph shaking his head at the Crazy Collies, excited and barking at nothing.


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    Peej and Bailey came running out of the bedroom barking when then heard Bon.

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    Those videos are so funny!!

    I hate not having sound

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
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    Kia very rarely reacts to the TV, but once in awhile a certain animal sound coming from the TV or the odd doorbell will have her up and staring at the TV and sometimes barking.

    The one of him with the broom is so cute! Huney and Roxey seem like they are saying, "Dude...what is your problem?" It's amazing to see a puppy that big acting puppyish. He's gonna be a big boy.
    ~Kimmy, Chipper, Zam, Logan, Raptor, Nimrod, June, Mei, Jasper, Esme, Lucy Inara, & Morla
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    Great videos! Bon does have a deep bark. I love it. Diamond and Jada go after the vacuum like Bon does the broom.

    Thank you Kay for the beautiful sig!

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    LOL That is to cute!

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    The broom one is hilarious. I love when he kind of bumps the stove then looks at it like "hey when did this get here?"


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    I couldn't stop laughing!

    It's so adorable.. I love his deep barking! Ha, I laughed when I saw Huney and Roxey coming in to see what was going on in that 2nd video!
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    Great video's Anna!!
    ~Angie, Sierra & Buddy
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    I watched your video clip with snowy and she barked when she saw/heard your dog barked

    thanks k9krazee for the signature!

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    LOL !

    Darlin started barking, and ran over to see what's up.
    Great vids!

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