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Thread: New years....

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    New years....

    So what did everybody do for there new years??? I made a few new years resolutions and I dont know If i told anyone that i was at my aunts house for the holidays but i left early so that i could be home with my family. i was homesick. lol. I missed my harmanie girl. We watched the ball drop and drank non-alcholic champane. Then we all watched shrek one and two. lol. Are family is such a corn ball. tehe!

    Kate and harmanie

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    we drove around during the day and took Jillian to as many pet stores we could find she got away with 4 new toys and a bag of pig ears no my dogs not spoiled... I swear, shes not.

    we got home kinda late, played my favorite Rammstein cds and had lots of smirnoff didn't make it to midnight, BUT we did wake up at 12:15 from the neighbors firecrackers.. does that count???

    NO RESOLUTIONS.. as its a mood killer and always a setup for failure

    (btw - they actually make non-alcoholic champagne????!!!)

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    We had a few friends over, the kids each had a friend too. Everyone stayed up until 2:45 am. I was glad to see everyone leave. We had planned to go ice skating on the lake behind our house but at -24oC it was just too darn cold.
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    I just stayed home and watched movies until about 11:45. After that my family and I watched the ball drop. It doesn't sound like anything too fun, but we had a great time!!

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