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Thread: Chewing up shoelaces

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    Chewing up shoelaces

    I have an adorable grey cat named Gilbert who chews up my shoe laces that are on my shoes. I got Gilbert from the Humane shelter a couple years ago and he seems a bit high strung. He doesn't like getting picked up and moved about or held captive. If it is his idea to come over and sit on my lap, he then is quite affectionate. I've tried useing bitter apple sprays and have some of the older bitter apple grease on my shoe laces but once it wears of he's back at it again. Must I continue to be a witness to the phrase; with the suddeness of a broken shoe lace!

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    Baby Proof your home...

    Cat's play with strings, find a place for your shoes, a closet perhaps. Get your little baby a few toys to play with. Its not a good idea to get toys with strings, they can get stuck on their rough tongues and swallowed, causing a major problem, and very expensive visit to the vet to remove them from the digestive tract.

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    lock them up where the cat can't get to them or you can also try tabasco sauce it stays on longer not really wearing off.. or you can use bleach the smell of that will keep them away and that doesn't tend to wear off either

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