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Thread: Assorted Sirrah kitties

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    Assorted Sirrah kitties

    I MISSED my babies while Dennis and I were gone and so have been after them with my camera!! Mostly, they keep doing what they do best...zzzz
    Dennis with Emily, Lizzie & Robbie...


    Several of Robbie - I thought these were funny!!

    my handsome orange hunk!!

    Dylan washing brother Robbie...

    ..whether he likes it or not! See how BIG Robbie is getting??

    pretty kitty-in-a-bag Lizzie

    Yup they still try to share the carpet condom - Robbie was asleep so Lizzie just climbed on top!

    Look closely to find poor Robbie's face! Remember Lizzie has a [email protected] problem...

    tee hee hee..hope you enjoyed!! a few more coming....
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    Police Line-Up

    look to your right please...

    The lady may leave..

    could we see THAT one closer please?

    Who are YOU looking at?

    what happened? it's just standard prodedure!! Did he faint?

    THIS one looks guilty!!

    huh-uh! don't try the charm thing..

    you, where were YOU at midnight last night??

    KISSY*KISSY*KISSY* - that baby did not do anything
    Nope, none guilty here. All innocent!!

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    Debbie, those pictures are great!! I had to look over all of them several times

    I love the pictures of Dylan and Robbie, I didn't know that he got *that* lovable with the kittens maybe he is alot different than my guy

    I also LOVE the pictures of the "babies" trying to share the carpet condom!!

    And those cop pictures(and captions) were hilarious, and awwww the Dylan BELLY shot!!!!

    RIP Jasper. I can't believe you're gone.
    RIP Tigger...I miss you every single day.
    Piddle Jasper Wiggles Emma Tucker Almond Pecan
    RB Furbabies:
    Tigger Ace

    RIP Angus, I miss you!

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    OMG! Adorable pics Deb! Your babies all look so well behaved . . . I'm sure they didn't do anything wrong while you were gone!

    *Kisses* to all those sweet babies!

    ~RIP Abby Jan 14, 1995 - July 21, 2005~

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    "Mom, this bed has gotten awful lumpy! "

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    Re: Assorted Sirrah kitties

    Robbie dear, you really must learn how to relax. You look so tense!

    At any rate, I must kiss that block spot on your belly!

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    Those are such great pictures! I wish I could capture my cats in poses like that! I love the police lineup! Too funny! And your grey & white kittie looks a lot like my Sasha Marie! They are all beautiful! Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

    Happy New Year to you and your crew!!!

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    Wonderful pictures! I always love to see your crew.

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    Robyn- This loving with Dylan is pretty rare. The babies have to be quite sleepy and perfectly behaved. If they try to play with his tail or wrestle, etc, they get a good smacking and they are gone

    Kim & Jen - Yeah, Robbie need to relax!! That is one of those "no bones" pix

    Christa - SOMEONE demolished a roll of toilet paper!!

    Jazzytina & Dusty - Oh yes, I agree that Emily and Sasha Marie look alot alike, too Actually, Chloe looks similar as well - these pretty grey and white princesses!!

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    Oh what wonderful pictures! I"m so glad you guys are back safe and sound!

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    Debbie ... these pictures are sooooooooooo cute, and the captions are purrfect!!! I have to LOL about that guilty look on little Robbie's face! Bless his little *innocent* heart!!!! Big Kissies to that baby boy!!!!
    Kim Loves Cats and Doggies Too!

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    Great pictures and captions. It's nice to see that they all get along too. Robbie and Lizzie sure are growing up quickly.
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    THAT was a REAL New Years Eve Celebration!! I only had one beer....I PROMISE!


    Man, I can not get over how Lizzy has her Mommies Eyes!! I LOVE her EYES!!!!!!!

    Special Needs Pets just leave bigger imprints on your heart!

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    Originally posted by Laura's Babies
    Man, I can not get over how Lizzy has her Mommies Eyes!! I LOVE her EYES!!!!!!!
    I love them too Laura - but isn't there something rather haunting and sad about them??? What is it?? She stares at me and I want to cry!! To me, she always photographs looking like a watercolor painting. She IS a pretty girl. Thanks!
    Does anyone know if she is really calico or would she be a dilute?? She is not nearly as dilute as her sister Mysty though.

    LOL on your captions for Robbie. That boy can get so contorted when he sleeps and always those arms thrown up like that! I'd not be able to move for days if I tried anything similar

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    OMG!!! What a wonderful thread with all the babies!!! I love this whole thing!

    Robbie you have grown so much! If I were there you could not stop me from kissing the fuzz right off of that cute black belly spot!!!

    Lizzie you are growing so much but you are so BEAUTIFUL! Yes Debbie she is going to have those beautiful and haunting eyes like her mother. Once she figures out how to work them she will never be without anything her heart desires!

    Dylan, Emily, and Eliot! You ALL are beyond adorable! Dylan grooming his baby brother is too cute! The police lineup cracked me up!

    Great pictures and captions Debbie. I loved them all!!!

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