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Thread: Ying is home!!!!

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    Ying is home!!!!

    Ying came home the night before last. His eye is still swollen and the vet gave me antibiotics, eye drops and meds for his respiratory infection which is probably causing his eye to swell but we are still not for sure so waiting to see how the meds help if not he will have to have an x ray to see if his tooth is abcessed whihc means he has to be put under to do that. Yesterday I was so worried about him since he wasn't moving at all or eating that I didn't go anywhere except to go take care of Ivy and give him his insulin and then came right back home. Today he seems more likes himself although his eye is watering awhole lot and still not eating as well as I would like him to. But I thought it was ok to do some errands and check my email and the boards. Thanks for all your prayers! I really do appreciate each and every one of them! I don't know what I would have done if I had lost Ying and it would have really been hard on Yang.

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    What wonderful news, Doo! Hugs to Ying, from me, please.


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    Sounds like Ying has some problems, poor baby... Abcessed teeth? OWIE!!

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    Poor Ying, at least he is back home. Please keep us posted on how he is doing.

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    Aww, good to hear Ying is back home. Best wishes, Ying. He's the one that had serious problems with his diabetes, right?!

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    I'm glad to hear that Ying is home. Now hopefully he'll recover quickly. Prayers and positive thoughts are being sent your way. Please take care.
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    I"m so glad to hear that Ying is home but I wish he was feeling better. Poor baby. Prayers are still coming that he gets all well very soon.
    Kissies to Ying and a special hug to Yang because he knows his brother is sick.

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    I'm so happy Ying is home now. Is he back to snuggling with Yang again? Hope the poor boy feels much better in a day or two, and you can get that tooth taken care of.
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    I hope he's 100% soon.Poor Ying has been thru so much.After his tooth is taken care of he should be fine right?No other problems I hope.I bet he was happy to be back home.And Yang was happy to have him home too.

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    Thanks everyone! Ying is eating better not and his eye looks better but still not well. I think it is probably a respiratory infection causing his eye to swell but we aren't sure yet. He goes back to the vet on Tuesday and then I guess the vet will decide if the swelled eye is from the respiratory infection or if he wants to do an x ray to make sure it isn't an abcessed tooth. Yes Yang is happy to have Ying home and they are sleeping all curled up together as usual!

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    So happy to hear that everything is slowly returning to normal. Prayers on the way for the Tuesday vet visit.
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