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Thread: wait----Hug the mama

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    wait----Hug the mama

    Every day when I come home from school I find Harmanie on my bed waiting for me. I open my door and I say,"Hi mama!" I put my coat and things on the floor and she jumps up on me and i say can I have a hug. I pick her up so she's more on my shoulder and the she hugs me and licks my face. Shes a doll.

    We have tons of games together. I love it.

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    Now that is cute!All my cat dose when I come home from school is meow untill I get to the door.And she licks my face when I pick her up.

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    My cats are happy to see me when I get home from work and they meow like crazy, but it is only because they know that they are going to get their wet food. They also act like that when my alarm goes off because they know that it's breakfast time. There is no hitting "snooze" at our house. The cats just won't tolerate it!!!

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    that's adorable. My cat, Kitty, wont bother herself to get up and say hi. ive gotta come to her and say hi. but i luv her newayz!

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    How cute and sweet!! My cats welcome me too at the door, but only to show me the way to the kitchen, expecting me to refill their food-bowls

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