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Thread: My Thought's On Arthur, Also In Original Post About Arthur

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    Originally posted by Karen

    The second thing is that the second attck occured NOT at feeding time, and Arthur had to climb a five and a half-foot wall to accomplish the attack. Arthur was still a puppy. he was just going to get bigger and stronger. Perhaps given the money for a behaviorist and time and a home with no other dogs, no chances of encountering other dogs, or even small children, always being fed with no one else in the room, etc., Arthur MIGHT never have attacked another living creature again, but that is a very big chance to take. Especially given the severity of Charley's injuries.
    I completely agree with Karen. RottiMommy, what you did to help your dog was wonderful, but not everyone can do all of that. Arthur's mom has other dogs in her home and, obviously, it would be extremely difficult for her to keep Arthur from attacking Charlie after the first two incidences (he DID jump a 5 1/2 foot wall just to get to him, unprovoked)! Behaviorists cost atleast $100's, probably more like $1000's of dollars. And, as for Rottie rescue or finding a new home, there is already (SO sadly) an abundance of Rott's in shelters everywhere! I knew people who were moving out of the country and couldn't rehome their wonderful male Rottie of 2 years, and no Rottie rescue would take him because they were all full. It is not easy, I'm sure Arthur's parents made a decision that was absolutely necessary, because we all know they loved him more than anyone!! Seriously, everyone has a right to there opinions, but there's no use dwelling on this. Arthur is at the RB, happier then he ever could've been here, and he is safe. I won't criticize his owners' decision because they probably know and understand a lot more about the situation than we do..

    <3 Erica, Fozz n' Gonz

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    Originally posted by micki76
    I personally have never been so disgusted with PT as I am right now. These people made the best decision they could in a horrific situation that NONE of you witnessed, or had to live with.

    How dare any of you question JC and Bella's actions????

    JC & Bella, you still have my support 100%. I'm so sorry that you've been treated this way. I hate that it happened, and I hate that you had to do what you had to do, but sometimes it is the best thing, as hard as that is for me to say.

    I hope I never have to face any decision like this, not only for the trauma that it will cause me, but because this community that I consider a very important part of my life will no doubt second guess me.
    I too agree with you Micki. I am completely disgusted with the way that JC and Bella are being judged for their decision.

    JC and Bella, I'm so sorry for your loss. I do think you did what was right for you and the situation you were put in. I'm so sorry you were forced to make a decision like that. I hope that Charlie is making a fast recovery. ((hugs))
    - Kari
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    i dont know if im one of the people who were questioning Jc's and Bella's actions,but i support them.I know that must of been one of the hardest things they have ever done. again,im sorry for the loss of your beautiful little boy,Arthur.

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    I haven't seen anyone say they were passing judgement. Any time an innocent life is lost, it is a very sad and confusing time. It is normal for people to wonder if there was anything that could be done to save that animal. It only comes from caring and compassion, not cruel and judgemental people. Of course anyone who wasn't in the situation firsthand will never totally know. And everyone who is having mixed feelings did acknowledge that.
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    I'm going to close this thread.

    We all agree that it was an awful, awful, awful decision JC had to make, and one that will weigh heavily on her heart for a long time.

    Rehashing it here will help know one.

    We all love you, and hope Charley heals well and quickly.

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